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3 Benefits of the Content Marketer, Sales Rep Friendship

Posted on July 8, 2013 by Glenn Gow

Sales and marketing alignment
, all challenges aside, has a greater importance in content marketing than most of us realize. There’s plenty of fantastic ways you can use content in your business, but the point always remains to create new business at the end of the day. Since you want to build relationships between the B2B Sales and Marketing teams, you must ask yourself: are content marketers doing enough to enable sales?

Regardless of how you answer this question, think about these 3 reasons why the communication flow between the content marketer and sales rep is so critical:

1. Content is about more than just inbound.

“Sales reps require selling tools and resources to more effectively engage with their audiences and nurture leads further down the funnel. Recent research shows that 40% of the average salesperson’s time is spent finding and creating content to share with prospects and customers.”

If content marketers are able to connect with their sales reps, they can share knowledge to create the best content for better sales.

2. Sales reps know what the audience wants.

Sales reps are the ones directly communicating with your prospects and buyers. They’re the ones who have a deeper knowledge and understanding of what are your customers’ needs. Marketing has a lot to gain from taking a little bit of time to chat with the sales reps to learn more about actual customer conversations and personas. This will immensely help you to create more relevant content and help sales reps close more deals.

3. Communication leads to consistent messaging.

When a sales rep creates their own content, there is a possibility that it will not be in perfect alignment with your company’s brand message. The easy fix to this is to have marketing involved in the content creation. But they have to create content that is actually valuable to the sales rep. That’s why marketing needs to have an open flow of communication with sales, so they know exactly what the salespeople need from them.

Taking the time to have conversations with each other is an easier way to obtain information that both teams need to perform their jobs. Is it obvious yet that sales and marketing need each other? I challenge you to make a new friend this week!

(MarketingProfs Daily Fix)

Glenn Gow

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