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Planning Successful Business to Business Lead Generation Campaigns

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Glenn Gow


I recently came across some interesting information on Lead Generation marketing solutions. There are 6 key factors to take into consideration when creating your next lead gen marketing plan outline:

1. Market (aka Audience)

Who is your audience and have you targeted them correctly?


2. Movement (aka Response)

What is the right response for your audience?


3. Motivation (aka Incentive)

To receive a response, we need an incentive. It doesn’t necessarily need to cost us a fortune, but the value of your incentive is directly correlated to the return on your response.


4. Mediums

What’s the right form of communication for your campaign?


5. Message

What exactly are you conveying to your audience? Do your prospects feel the need to act?


6. Measurement

Keep track of your numbers at every stage and through every change. Keep it in real-time.


Learn more about the 6 M’s of successful B2B lead generation here and start improving your marketing concepts now.

Glenn Gow

Glenn Gow is an expert in marketing performance, Coach, Board Advisor, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Founder & Advisor of Crimson Marketing. Follow me on TwitterLinkedInGoogle+. To get a free copy of Crimson’s One-Page Marketing Metrics Funnel, visit here.

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