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8 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on August 16, 2013 by Glenn Gow

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve made it through most of 2013 and noticed some definite trends showing up in the world of digital marketing. Time to revisit your marketing plan and consider some of these useful and easy-to-implement tips to freshen up your digital marketing strategy:

1. Connect all of your channels. Your customers are not just on the web or watching television, more than likely they are using both at the same time. Make all of your content and strategies connected on every medium (from social to mobile to web) with a uniform look.

2. Try Facebook Graph Search. This newly released Facebook tool can be a great way to narrow down your demographic and use your advertising money wisely. “Graph Search has exciting potential to be your very own version of Google, Yelp, and LinkedIn all rolled into one.”

3. Focus on your content being smarter. Think quality instead of quantity when creating your content. How will people interact? Does it focus on your objectives?

4. Engage your audience. Ask them questions or get them involved in the process. Creating a contest for your next design drives interest and social shares.

5. Gain Google Authorship. If you haven’t already started tracking your Google authorship on posts, now is the time. Ultimately connecting all of your contribution in one place results in some extra bonus points in terms of SEO. It also starts to establish you as an “expert” in Google’s eyes, whatever your field.

6. Try out a mobile strategy. We are making the shift to purchases on our mobile devices. Check out our infographic Are You Taking Advantage of Mobile Growth? to learn more.

7. Offer onsite mobile coupons. Since people are shopping on their phones, make it an option to search for coupons for your products. Customers feel like they are getting a special deal and can be combined with a loyalty program.

8. Explore digital wallet options. Google wallet is growing steadily and will follow suite with the likes of Paypal. These fast easy payment options are the future of online payment. Soon typing in your credit card information might just be a step too hard for consumers.

(Social Media Examiner)

Image: Courtesy of Marqui

Glenn Gow

Glenn Gow is an expert in marketing performance, Coach, Board Advisor, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Founder & Advisor of Crimson Marketing. Follow me on TwitterLinkedInGoogle+. To get a free copy of Crimson’s One-Page Marketing Metrics Funnel, visit here.

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