#BADMarketing from Charmin

Just a little bathroom humor. #BADMarketing   Image: Courtesy of AdWeek

#BADMarketing on Billboards

This ad placement worked out well for the diabetes billboard…probably not so much for the McDonald’s ad. Image: Courtesy of The 10 Most Known

#BADMarketing from Jost Vineyards

4 Skins wine brand messaging is a deeply satisfying wine with a long and pleasurable finish.” Interesting,#BADMarketing Image: Courtesy of Spectacle Group

#BADMarketing from OFF!

Who's going camping this summer? #BADMarketing   Image: Courtesy of Imgur

#BADMarketing from BICE

This print ad takes the "Bread is Life" tagline a little too literally...#BADMarketing   Image: Courtesy of Coloribus

#BADMarketing from KFC

KFC almost made it too easy for this hashtag to go very wrong. #BADMarketing   Image: Courtesy of TopRank Blog

#BADMarketing On The Freeway

It's not clear at first glance what exactly they want us to check out...#BADMarketing.   Image: Courtesy of Fresno Beehive

#BADMarketing from Arby’s

This print ad from Arby's originally ran in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue...hmm, wonder why?   Image: Courtesy of BrandingBeat

#BADMarketing from Ursus

Shouldn't your beer be happy to see you? #BADMarketing   Image: Courtesy of PSPrint

#BADMarketing from DIESEL

If this is what happens while wearing these Diesel shoes, we’ll have to pass on them! Does this make you want to purchase these sneakers? Image: Courtesy of SalesHQ