Team, Tools and Transformation—How to Build a Demand Gen Program that Works

Having a poorly understood or designed digital demand generation program does not produce results. Getting it right, according to Mark Roberts, CMO of communication solutions provider ShoreTel, requires looking at your go to market strategy “from a holistic perspective, rather than focusing on one aspect.” On this episode of Moneyball

Infographic: 4 Ways to Generate Leads with Marketing Automation Software

Producing a steady stream of leads is typically the top strategy for producing revenue for many organizations. Securing that steady stream of leads is not as easy as it sounds and continues to make measuring ROI difficult for most marketers. Marketing automation software, or lead generation software, is one of

How to Market Smart When You’re Not an IT Expert

Email marketing, proclaimed a dying tool by some, actually delivers the greatest ROI of any digital marketing solution, including social. This shows that new digital marketing solutions are supplementing, not subjugating existing techniques. For marketers, that means an ever-expanding need to work with technology to reach the right customers, with the

Why It’s Important To Be Data-Driven in B2B Marketing [Infographic]

The rise of digital has caused an evolutionary force in marketing. Companies are facing buyers who are more knowledgeable than ever before. To keep pace, B2B marketers needs to be connected across channels and devices to create an optimal customer experience.   "To do this, modern-day marketers need to combine

How Marketing Can Contribute To Revenue Generation

Do you look at marketing as a cost center or as a revenue center? If you answered “cost center,” you’re missing out on a big opportunity. However, don’t feel bad. For a long period of time, marketing has been seen as just that: a necessary but overall costly part of

Infographic: 4 Marketing Analytics That Matter For Driving Revenue

Too often markers talk about activities instead of outcomes – for example, how many campaigns you ran, how many trade shows you participated in, how many new names you added to the lead database. These are metrics that reinforce the perception that marketing is a cost center, not a revenue

5 Ways to Boost Your B2B Marketing into Overdrive

B2B companies have recently had to confront an awkward truth. No longer is Sales driving the bus. Buyers are firmly in the driver’s seat with hands on the wheel and a foot on the pedal. And their journey can be a long one. B2B buyers do not make purchasing decisions

Why Marketing Should Have a Quota

Many marketing professionals would say it’s not possible or desirable to meet a quota. But a quota can improve alignment between Sales and Marketing. It can drive Marketing to stay involved throughout the sales cycle. And can help measure marketing effectiveness. Sales and Marketing departments often treat each other with

Why Sales-Marketing Alignment Saves $1 Trillion per Year

Everyone is talking about sales-marketing alignment, but why is it really that important? If alignment is missing, marketing is wasting their efforts to generate leads for sales: [Tweet "79% of #marketing leads never convert to #sales due to lack of nurturing"] If a lead is passed to salespeople, 73% of

Infographic: The Science of Creating Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are the first step to any effective content strategy. Personas are what will help you determine how to tailor content to your buyers. Customer data should be gathered from your own business intelligence as well as web analytics. Important metrics include: bounce rates, organic traffic, page traffic, leads