B2B Marketing Rock Stars: Data Is Driving Modern Buyer Personas

Traditionally, B2B marketers have created buyer personas from customer hunches, not factual customer data. "As a result, a vast majority (83%) of B2B marketers say that their buyer personas are only 'somewhat' effective, according to a study from the ITSMA. While 80% of respondents expected to see higher conversion rates

How to Earn Trust and Get Buyer Attention with Thought Leadership

In the fast paced world of technology marketing, it’s challenging to convince potential buyers to pay attention to you. Buyers may not even know that you exist, and they certainly do not want to hear from your sales people! They do, however, crave information and best practice that can help

2 Metrics to Better Understand Your Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value

Lead purchasing and advertising are popular methods to build a corporate marketing funnel. But how effective are they, and how do they compare with other demand generation methods? To determine the answer, says Greg Head, CMO of leading email marketing and sales platform Infusionsoft, you must first arrive at a

The Demand Generation Stats Every CMO Needs To Know

HubSpot and Qualtrics recently conducted a survey of 900 management-level marketers in North America and Europe to determine how successful companies have been at demand generation for their respective brands. The goal of this survey was to discover which key performance indicators (KPIs) matter to your marketing solutions and how

Build a Content Marketing Machine like the World’s Most Profitable Brands

Research on corporate marketing initiatives of 50,000 of the World’s leading brands conducted by Jim Stengel, former Proctor & Gamble CMO, led to identification of the one common attribute which consistently predicted profitability: Brand Purpose— the “why” behind the brand’s existence. With this in mind, content marketing platform NewsCred’s CEO

The Top Challenges Facing Integrated Demand Generation Marketers and How to Overcome Them

The buyer’s journey today involves a constellation of information sources buyers can use to get smart about competing products before they ever engage in the actual buying process. Websites, blogs, review sites, social search, video, podcasts, physical stores, trade shows, print media and webinars are but a few of the

Is Email Marketing Making a Comeback?

Email marketing was once the staple of online marketing solutions, and it’s easy to see why. A study from ExactTarget found that when it comes to receiving permission-based marketing communications, 77% of consumers prefer email. While social media and other, newer marketing solutions are seen as the “sexy” new way

Why “Buyer DNA” Affects Content for Demand Generation Programs

Delivering “the right content to the right persona at the right time” could well be the mantra of the demand generation function of business today. It’s clear that the more targeted sellers can be about providing information their potential buyers need, the easier it will be to engage and nurture

How Inbound Marketing, Blogs and Social Media Generate Qualified B2B Leads

To make your B2B lead generation strategy and marketing solutions effective, you need to hone in on the "types of leads that are most likely to convert into paying customers. That means filtering out prospects based on your resources and goals, and narrowing your attack." When your strategy isn't well

How CMOs of High Growth Companies Can Achieve Rapid Scale

One of the results of an increasingly connected digital world is the spectacular rise of demand generation at the top of the sales funnel. In order to successfully scale in this new paradigm, high growth companies must think carefully about their business processes and the infrastructure needed to support them.