How Are Marketers Embracing Opportunities From Big Data?

Marketing is for the creatives. Big data is for the data scientists. But as more marketing intelligence becomes available to marketers, the lines are blurred on who manages and benefits from big data. How marketing can get started: 1. "Big data starts with email intelligence. If you’re going to use

B2B Marketers Are Hungry For More Optimized Marketing Technology

Bizo recently conducted a survey on the state of B2B lead nurturing and found that 3 out of 4 marketers are interested in taking their optimization marketing solutions further. 82% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on new marketing technology before the end of 2014. Marketing organizations have a

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing System For Demand Generation

One of the key changes in marketing in recent years is the advent of content marketing as a principal tool in demand generation. Another is that marketing is becoming more and more technical. Marge Breya, EVP and CMO of data integration company Informatica and architect of the company’s marketing system,

How to Integrate Buyer Data – The 500 Billion Dollar Question

There is a massive explosion of product marketing data today, derived from IT mega trends such as SaaS, Cloud Computing and Mobility. While this has created spectacular demand generation opportunities for marketers who can analyze, score and leverage buyer interactions, it also poses a daunting challenge—How to integrate product marketing

When Should You Be Using Marketing Automation?

With such an abundance of marketing intelligence and analytics, it can be difficult to know where to aim your focus. The key is to concentrate on marketing analytics that represent revenue contribution: 1. Total Leads Generated From Each Campaign What is the quality of your leads? Did you obtain leads

How Marketing Can Work With Sales to Increase Revenue

It used to be enough that Marketing departments generated leads and handed them off to Sales. The responsibilities and activities of Marketing and Sales departments lived in uniquely different worlds. But the times have changed -  CMOs must ensure that their departments collaborate more closely than ever with Sales throughout the

How To Implement and Measure Social Selling Success

MarketingProfs recently invited me to share insights from Revenue and the CMO on their podcast series, Marketing Smarts. Here is one of my favorite takeaways from the interview: (08:58): "[Marketers] have to be very closely tied to the sales team... Are we going after a particular vertical we need to

How Marketing Can Supercharge Sales with Big Data & Social Selling

Chances are you subscribe to a variety of industry blogs and regularly engage in discussions on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. The thing is, so do your buyers. Those seeking solutions to their problems can easily find them by surfing the web, reading blog posts, and engaging with users

Big Data Big Profits: Unlock Up To $200 Billion [Infographic]

Text from infographic: Successful marketers have figured out how to use data to squeeze billions more from marketing and help their companies grow. Better marketing analytics can improve the returns 10-20%: $100-$200 billion CMOs are In a Pressure Cooker CMOs today face mounting pressure to deliver above-marketing growth, manage growing

How Marketing Automation Handicaps Demand Generation

Marketing automation undoubtedly has significant value in demand generation growth. But many of you will agree that it could be more automatic. This issue may even drive you up the wall at times. The problem is you do not have the proper "change management" component; you have not implemented the