Why B2B Customers Are Not Hearing Your Brand Message

You work extremely hard on creating and maintaining your brand message. But what if your brand messaging doesn't match up with your customers most valued characteristics? McKinsey recently conducted a study to help answer this question. Here are some interesting findings: Buyer's do not correlate social responsibility, sustainability, and global

The Quick Fix to Your Lead Generation Headache

You're at it again. The age-old debate of quantity vs. quality. And the star of your show is leads. Right now you have thousands upon thousands of contact names in your CRM system. You may even be top of the class by regularly nurturing your prospects and customer relationships with

4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Share Data with Sales

Shouldn't Sales and marketing share the data that helps them achieve the same business goals? According to the Teradata Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013 — a survey of more than 2,200 marketers on the use of data to drive marketing — 71% of respondents reported they plan to use a Big

The 5 Steps of Inbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

(Chris Vaughn/Social Media Today)

Revenue and the CMO – Marketing’s Impact on Big Data and Social Selling

CMOs are experiencing unprecedented challenges and additional pressures to demonstrate ROI and drive pipeline and revenue growth. The key to creating a real impact on revenue lies in leveraging Big Data and Social Selling. Revenue and the CMO gives you a quick look into how the buying process has changed

How to Be a Successful Social Seller

There's a change in the air. No longer is the salesperson steps ahead of the curve. Buyers now have the same information, if not more information, than the seller! How then does a sales rep effectively do their job? Enter social selling. What this means is marketing needs to actively

3 Benefits of the Content Marketer, Sales Rep Friendship

Sales and marketing alignment, all challenges aside, has a greater importance in content marketing than most of us realize. There's plenty of fantastic ways you can use content in your business, but the point always remains to create new business at the end of the day. Since you want to