Integrated MKTG Master Class: Practical Advice for Digital Marketing Professionals ( Al Campa, RingCentral CMO)

There have been some pretty radical changes in the world of digital marketing over the last 15 years. From display banners to textual search ads to the constellation of techniques, media and marketing technology (martech) that we have today have lead digital marketing solutions to greatly evolve. Participating and learning

What Is Pull Marketing and How Does It Add Brand Value?

Today's buyers are able to respond to marketing with two choices they never had in the past: They can ignore, skip or block ads through ad-blocking software or tools like Tivo, and they can also talk back to brands through social media. Together, this is radically altering the go to market

Think Before Ignoring These 15 Digital Marketing Trends

Marketers hardly have the time to sort hype from reality when thinking about digital marketing solutions. A new ebook by MDG Advertising helps to identify the biggest trends of 2015 and how to think about planning for 2016. 1. User-generated content: Consumers are creating more and more of their own

CMOs: Stop Believing These Digital Marketing Myths

There are many myths surrounding digital marketing solutions. It's rare to find a CMO in the digital trenches with a full understanding of what works and what doesn't. Let's review these 15 digital marketing myths and their corresponding truths: 1. SEO Can Be Set It And Forget It "The idea

Going Digital: The Secrets Revealed [Video]

It takes more than competing with your competitors and incremental changes to transition your company to digital. Companies who are really focused on going digital challenge themselves to think long term, about new business models, and are disruptive. Digital companies are willing to make tough decisions right now, today. That

Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Landing Pages and Website Infrastructure (Pt. 2)

Now that you've spent some time learning the basic steps of SEO, let's dive a little deeper and discuss the importance of landing pages and infrastructure on your website. Landing pages When it comes to landing pages, ask yourself: does the page make sense? Look at everything before you create

Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Basic Steps Marketers Need To Know (Pt. 1)

Even the savviest of marketers need a little help every now and again. SEO and SEM is one of those specializations that many of you think requires an expert to manage. In many cases, that is a very true assessment. But the truth really is that the basics can take

How to Overcome Challenges and Discover Opportunities of Multi-Channel Engagement

Google announced recently that mobile traffic has officially surpassed desktop traffic. This presents no small challenge to marketers, who now must consider user engagement across desktop, mobile and mobile app platforms, each with their own behavioral attributes. The response, says Jason Bunge, Vice President of Marketing, Analytics and Partnerships at

The Power of Web Experience Data: How to Guide the Buyer’s Journey with Better Marketing Campaigns

Happy with your last purchase, you visit a brand’s website intending on buying more of their products. Their website loads and you’re immediately greeted with a pop-up advertising the exact product you recently purchased. Why? Well, the brand has failed to leverage their web experience data -- in this case,

The Convergence Trend of TV and Digital Video

The convergence of television with “second screen” video media is well underway. Consumers already view their favorite "made for TV" series on desktop and portable computing devices, while services like Hulu and Netflix have made the once-futuristic paradigm of “TV on Demand” a reality. TV and digital video grew up under