Why Marketers Need to Prove ROI More Than Ever

CEOs don't trust marketers to do their jobs and drive quantifiable results: [Tweet "80% of CEOs don't trust/aren't impressed with their marketing teams #marketingROI"] What do CEOs want to prove the value of their investments? [Tweet "74% of CEOs want their marketers to become completely focused on true ROI"] The

Infographic: What is the Most Valued Content for B2B Technology Buyers?

Eccolo Media recently conducted a survey of B2B technology influencers (33%) and decision makers (67%) on what content forms help them make purchase decisions. The content type that received the most engagement was product brochures/data sheets (57% of respondents); it is also viewed as the most influential in making a

What is the Best Content to Use for Each Stage of the B2B Sales Cycle? [Infographic]

Key takeaways include: Blogs and newsletters are most valued by B2B buyers early in the sales cycle, when they are starting to learn about a topic and evaluate products/vendors. Whitepapers are most valued in the beginning and middle parts of the sales cycle, when buyers are attempting to understand a

What Is Paid Social Amplification and Why Is It Important? [Infographic]

by Jennifer Landry Having 50,000 arrows in your quiver won’t do you a whole lot of good if you don’t have any aim, and trying to fire them all at once would be an awful mess. This also applies to social media advertising and organization. Those 50,000 fans, followers, or

How CMOs Can Make Big Data Relevant to the Sales Team

Author and Futurist John Naisbitt famously wrote, “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” Mind you, that was in 1982— before we texted, tweeted, linked, liked, posted or pinned. In fact, it was before most of us had ever heard of the Internet, in an era when “Big

5 Insights To Increase Revenue with Big Data and Social Selling [Infographic]

We live in the Big Data era. The volume and variety of data available to marketers from internal sales records and public records, sophisticated marketing analytics applications, social media and a multitude of other sources is matched only by the staggering velocity at which this information grows and changes. According

How To Generate Revenue From Big Data [Infographic]

Despite the fact that we now have more valuable marketing intelligence about buyers than ever before, only 12% of organizations are putting this information — called Big Data — into play. Big data is a major buzzword, but so many marketers and salespeople still don’t know what to do with

How To Make Content Contagious: 6 Insider Secrets [Infographic]

Text from Infographic: It's no secret that relevant and valuable content can help raise brand awareness and exposure. With today's buyer facing information overload everywhere they turn, far too much great content goes unnoticed. Thanks to research, we now have a better understanding of the psychology behind what drives buyers

Why The Perfect Marketing Department Needs To Evolve [Infographic]

Text from Infographic: The market has officially changed and marketing teams should too. The Internet has more than double the number of marketing channels. Outbound marketing is going out of style; Inbound marketing is on the rise. Benefits of Transitioning From Push to Pull Marketing Lead Generation> Inbound Marketing: Accounted

The Who, What, Why & How of Sharing Information [Infographic]

Infographic Text: 6 Types of Sharers Hipster: Less likely than other sharers to use email for sharing content. These sharers are creative, young and popular. Careerist: These sharers are savvy business networkers and are more likely to share content on LinkedIn. Altruist: These sharers are helpful, reliable, thoughtful, connected and