Data and Creativity— Finding the Left-Right Brain Balance (Mike Linton, Farmers Insurance CMO)

Marketing systems have profoundly changed due to modern marketing technology (martech), which has finally opened a window to understanding consumer sentiment, and has lit a path to achieving marketing ROI. Some say this has diminished the importance of creativity—long believed the ‘secret sauce’ to powerful marketing. Mike Linton, CMO of

What is a ‘Smart Network’ and How Will It Affect the Future?

Smart homes. Smart vehicles. Smart phones. Smart watches. These days everything is getting “smart.” But what does that really mean? How does that really impact our lives? How will “smart” in the future be different than the “smart” we know now? And what does that mean to marketing systems? Joining

How CMOs Can Monetize With Real-Time Integrated Data

If you are conducting complex marketing operations on the Enterprise level, you probably are using at least a half dozen different marketing technology (martech) applications to run your CRM, demand generation, advertising, search marketing and so on. The data that is generated from these martech tools is rich with value

Infographic: How To Drive Marketing Success With Metrics

Marketers looking to stay competitive know it's all about the numbers. From monetizing budget and leveraging marketing technology (martech) to determining search success and personalizing campaigns, marketing in the digital age can feel like one big math test. To optimize your digital marketing solutions, focus on these key areas: 1.

How to Optimize the Customer Experience With Behavioral Data

By using powerful marketing technology (martech) software, like Hadoop, data from disparate sources can be aggregated and analyzed in near real time.  That has interesting applications in areas like consumer lending, where an applicant’s credit history and score, number of cards, reason for borrowing, age, employment history and dozens of

From Persuasion to Participation: The 5 Values for Nurturist Organizations

With his influential 1981 book Positioning, Jack Trout established marketing thought in metaphorical alignment with war. That was before the Internet and social media created the sense of connection and transparency that consumers enjoy today. This evolution was on the mind of Daina Middleton, the Head of Global Business Marketing

Talk to The Data to Become a Data Driven Organization

Big Data is often hailed as the most transformative trend affecting business in the current decade. Few large companies can afford to miss the train, yet many are still struggling to implement the changes necessary to remain competitive. Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of information services and analytics firm Neustar, has

Digital Display Advertising in the Data Analytics Age

The practice of using data analytics in go to market strategy, already par for the course online and in mobile, is finding its way into channel marketing and real world engagement. Tracking data, identifying buyers and following leads throughout the entire sales cycle has become a conventional practice, even in

How To Use Unstructured Data to Understand Customer Language

According to Gartner, 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. That presents a real challenge to those trying to use available information to understand what customers are saying about a brand’s products and services. Language—whether it is in social media postings, email or verbal form—offers a treasure trove of potential

How Marketing Technology Helps Scale Global Marketing Organizations

Enterprise level marketing professionals understand the increasingly vital role of technology in marketing, but often lack the experience and peer support to optimize technology use for growth in their organizations. The question of solving the particularly challenging task of scaling up a global marketing organization made of multiple product lines,