Why Marketing Analytics And Metrics Are Related But Not The Same

Many marketers use the terms metrics and analytics in the same sentence and sometimes even interchangeably. This is wrong, because they are not the same. Metrics are standards of measurement: 1. Activity measures - number of new blog posts or the number of events, and the associated hard and soft

7 Reasons CEOs Say Yes To Marketing Automation

The marketing automation industry grew by 50% in revenue to reach $1.2 billion in 2014, and is "expected to grow another 50% in 2015 to $1.8 billion." What is driving this astronomical growth? Only a mere decade ago, most companies were not implementing B2B marketing technology whatsoever. Since then, acquiring

Everything Marketers Want to Know about AdTech But are Afraid to Ask

John Wanamaker infamously stated: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." More than a century later, Wanamaker’s lament is finally beginning to be a quaint ghost of Advertising’s past. Marketing solutions like Programmatic Advertising enable brands to obtain real time

How Predictive Lead Scoring Technology Works in B2B Marketing

In the past, determinations about the quality of sales leads were made rather arduously—often with sales reps going through lead lists manually in search of hunch-based indicators of conversion propensity. These days, with monthly lead flow for some companies in the thousands or tens of thousands, those old-school methods no

How to Achieve Real Time ROI with Data Analytics and Strategy

Data analysis is fast becoming one of the most important strategic tools in the marketer’s tool chest. Understanding the profiles and behaviors of your existing customers and anonymous potential buyers is mission critical marketing intelligence. What’s more, the insights gained from marketing analytics can go a long way to improvements

How to Rise Above the Data Clutter

93% of marketers are using content marketing as a strategy, producing 27 million pieces of content per day—but studies show that 70% of that content is ignored. It’s a real challenge for marketers to know what buyers care about, and what will actually move the needle. The sheer volume of

5 Things Marketers Need to Examine Before Integrating Marketing Technology

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="612"] Image: courtesy of Dplus visuals[/caption] There are endless marketing technologies available to the modern marketer, but how do you know which are the best tools to help achieve your goals? Let's look at 5 areas marketers need to consider in the marketing technology landscape that support

7 Ways Big Data Restricts Marketing Analytics

It's not new news that big data is on every marketer's mind. Marketing departments are focused on analyzing customer data "in order to uncover insights about how marketing activity affects buyer purchase decisions and drives loyalty." What's missing in the current marketer's mindset towards marketing analytics is that customer data

5 Ways To Battle Increasing Pressure on Marketing

Marketers are not only battling to keep up with constant changes in marketing trends - TV and online marketing channels, online/Internet retail, mobile social media and gaming - but also for the increasingly difficult to gain attention of the buyer. "The resulting expansion of platforms has propelled consistent growth in

People Still Buy Things— the Human Side of Marketing Technology

“Businesses don’t buy things, people do,” says Peter Mahoney, CMO of voice and natural language software maker Nuance Communications. With buyers doing their own research before interacting with Sales, unfettered access to information on competing solutions, and as many as 100 branded touch points with which a buyer may come