How To Determine When Marketing Solutions are More Than a Trend

Over the last year, CMOs have seen an extreme rise in technology-based marketing solutions. But how can you know which marketing technology is actually worth the investment? Which marketing solutions will help you hone a lasting competitive edge, and which will be mere short-lived trends? Unfortunately, the answer is there

Data Integration is the New Technology Marketing Game Changer

Technology marketing has entered a new phase. Accessing and leveraging large sets of customer data for marketing, already required of enterprises that wish to remain competitive, is fast becoming the minimum ante to stay in the game. Sellers need to take marketing analytics to the next level by integrating the

Business in 2015: How the CMO and CIO Will Determine the Future

The two executive roles that matter most for 2015 are the CIO and the CMO. How they define their relationship and joint business strategy will determine their company's future. It's no longer enough for the CMO to focus only on marketing and promotion. The CMO of 2015 must own the

Predictive Marketing Analytics Drive Advertising Results

Predictive marketing technology is the latest, exciting new tool to help marketers maximize their marketing spend on advertising campaigns. Predictive marketing technology runs on predictive analytics based on big data to give marketers a complete view of the marketing solutions that are actually working. "The promise of big data analytics

Why Trusting Your Gut Is The Worst Marketing Move You Could Make

Here’s a tip: When it comes to marketing your business, leave your “gut” out of it. No matter how good your intuition, how prestigious of a business school you attended or how much marketing know-how you seemingly possess, if you think you can make marketing decisions in this day and

4 Steps to Better Business Planning Using Marketing Technology

“We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge,” proclaimed John Naisbitt more than 20 years ago. With the advent of marketing technology, that state of affairs is rapidly fading into history, bestowing upon CMOs and other business executives an unprecedented level of marketing intelligence, and allowing them to conduct

Quarterly Financial Planning: How to Budget Better By Understanding Marketing Intelligence

Your company conducts quarterly budget reviews to determine how well projections aligned with performance. The problem is, by the time you analyze those results, you’ve likely already spent too much—or too little—on marketing. As Lance Walter, CMO of financial intelligence technology company Host Analytics suggests, there is a better way.

Infographic: Why Putting Your CMO in Charge of Marketing Technology Pays Off

Improvements to business and marketing solutions are directly correlated to how your company manages digital marketing technologies and integrates marketing intelligence produced from multiplying buyer touch-points. CMOs who own marketing technology strategy are seeing the following: 39% generate a greater return on spending 42% have a greater business impact 50%

Don’t Be Afraid of Data Marketing: How to Use Marketing Analytics to Measure Progress

“Marketing is about recognizing where you are and knowing where you want to be. It’s all about measuring progress. It's not just about how high up the ladder your brand can get...the important thing is helping your brand climb as many rungs of the ladder as possible.” So says Elissa

My 2015 Sales & Marketing Predictions

I recently discussed my sales and marketing predictions for 2015 with Backbone Media. In my thought leader video, I discuss the emergence of the left-brained CMO, how marketers will get ‘indigestion’ from too much marketing technology, and that predictive analytics will be HOT in 2015. And after you watch my