GoodData’s VP of Product Marketing: The Power of Consolidated Marketing Analytics

As a big river grows exponentially from the contribution of many disparate streams and tributaries, so too does the powerful flow of Big Data come from an increasingly wide range of data sources and marketing channels. When this data is left to eddy in silos, however, it is impossible for

Three Ways To Create and Convert Technology Buyers

Earned media is playing a bigger than ever role in drawing potential buyers into sales funnels. On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Christian Campagnuolo, CMO of Business Intelligence software firm Logi Analytics, prescribes how to define a consistent brand story, how to use marketing technology to develop a progressive profile

Understanding Big Data Is The Key to Success [Infographic]

Big data and marketing analytics are here to stay. According to a popular survey from Rocket Fuel and Forbes, CMOs who implement Big Data generate more benefits from their marketing solutions than those who don’t. 62% of CMOs and marketing executives believe they are leveraging Big Data, but the reality

Does Marketing Technology Improve The Customer Journey?

The technology marketing landscape is a multi-screen world. Buyers are interacting with sellers on multiple devices and in a variety of usage contexts. For this reason, there is an emerging concern among marketers to observe and cater to the meandering “Customer Journey” taking place across this variety of marketing channels. On this episode of Moneyball

How To Leverage and Use Marketing Technology

With more buyer data available than ever before, and a wide selection of next generation marketing technology tools on offer to help companies harness the power of Big Data, marketers are challenged with the need to gain increasing levels of marketing intelligence to  help guide their decision making. On this

Learn From Your Marketing Programs Or Miss Out

Do opportunities lie within Big Data or is it all a bunch of hype? On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Eric Porres shares his expert insight on how you can use marketing technology to understand the big data explosion: Until recently there was a bottleneck in determining how data is

How To Shape The Future With Marketing Technology [Infographic]

The future of marketing lies in marketing technology, including mobile apps. With the steady growth in Big Data and marketing analytics, the CMO will find their role expanding like never before. The New CMO and Marketing Department: The new CMO will need to have both marketing analytics skills and an

How To Use Data & Marketing Analytics to Improve the Buyer Experience

As marketing technology expands, marketers will find new trends crop up on how to optimize the buyer experience for their products and services. On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, George Skaff shares his expert insight on why certain trends are happening in the website buyer experience and what you should be aware

Who Is The Chief Marketing Technology Officer? [Infographic]

There's a new c-suite executive on the rise: The Chief Marketing Technology Officer. This hybrid executive bridges the gap between the CMO/CIO with their business savvy, marketing analytics, and technical background. IT spending is vastly changing with the growth of marketing technology. Gartner predicts that by 2017 CMOs will spend

CMOs: Are You Utilizing Marketing Analytics?

There's a slew of marketing analytics available out there, yet most projects fail to use them. The latest CMO Survery reports "that on average, only 32.5% of projects use marketing analytics – and that’s actually a slight improvement from the past couple of biannual studies, where usage has hovered around