Why Marketing And IT Collaboration Is Possible [Infographic]

Text from Infographic; Marketing is leading the charge with collaboration and often faces resistance from IT: 36% of Marketing reports frequent collaboration with IT 25% of IT reports rare collaboration with Marketing The Benefits of Collaborating Marketing and IT leaders clearly see the benefit of collaborating, but indicate the company

The Race To Own The Marketing Cloud

Who will win the race to build the best cloud suite of tools for the CMO? Let's take a look at the top contenders: Salesforce.com Who are they? "The company's core product is a cloud-based customer-relationship-management platform... The software allows you to track conversations with accounts and contacts, monitor opportunities

How To Make Data Analytics a Natural Marketing Outcome

An extremely small minority of companies understand how to tweak their demand generation funnel to account for real time activities inside their organization. Marketing automation is the hot trend in technology marketing, but how do you move away from the daunting process of "data science"? On this episode of Moneyball for

The Path To Personalized Marketing Automation

There's no denying that marketing is increasingly picking up the pace towards a more technological future. Investments in marketing technology and automation will only continue to rise. With this uncharted future on the horizon, how do you determine the best way for you to use and leverage technology in marketing? On this

How To Choose the Right Cloud Partner

Business cloud usage is steadily increasing, but it's true potential remains vastly untapped. An area that needs more focus is the partner relationship between vendors and customers. It's important to remember that not all cloud partners are the same. Take time to determine which cloud hosting provider is the best

Transforming the Mobile Ecosystem with Big Data

BI Intelligence recently released a new report on Big Data and Mobile (to access this report you'll need to sign up for a free subscription). The report details the definition of big data, it's connection to mobile, analysis of it's potential, practical applications, pitfalls, data collection practices, and answers frequently