Bringing Sales and Marketing Together (Latane Conant, Sr. VP Global Marketing of Appirio)

Sales and Marketing do not always agree. Many sales teams lack respect for Marketing, viewing it as nothing more than a "lead generation machine." Likewise, many marketing organizations view requests from Sales as shortsighted and oversimplified. Yet companies who are able to synergize sales and marketing operations within their organizations

Personalization is the Key to Optimization (Brian King, VP Marketing of Cycle Gear)

Retailers and other marketers are pressed to do more promotion, reach more customers and deliver better returns. Taking into account changes in the economy, promotional time period, store openings and closings and other factors, producing an accurate baseline against which to measure Return on Investment can be challenging. "Some companies

Tell it Before you Sell it (Kash Shaikh, VP Marketing of Ruckus)

We all know that marketing has changed radically, with the introduction of digital media channels. From a marketer's perspective, the shift has less to do with the media itself, perhaps, and more to do with the ability to measure buyer engagement with our messaging. By way of example, Kash Shaikh,

The Marketing Transition of the Century ( Jonathan Martin, CMO of Pure Storage)

"I don't need conjecture to say we're probably in one of the biggest transitions in the last century," says Jonathan Martin, CMO of flash storage leader Pure Storage. As mobile devices and social media have become increasingly dominant, people have become overwhelmed by information, and are now no longer listening.

Lessons in Digital Marketing Strategy (Sydney Sloan, CMO of Alfresco)

When you have 50,000 accounts, developing a digital go to market strategy is quite something to wrap your head around. "The first lesson is everything takes longer than you think or hope," says Sydney Sloan, CMO of business process management software maker Alfresco, and our guest on this edition of

Jennifer Johnson, CMO of Tanium: “The Data Driven CMO”

Amidst an ecosystem containing multitudes of martech software solutions, marketers across the B2C and B2B spheres are charged with the sometimes unenviable task of distilling the best technology and techniques to harness the power of Big Data in their organizations. Jennifer Johnson, CMO of fast growing cybersecurity innovator Tanium, is

Marketing to Millennials (Steven Dupree, VP Marketing of SoFi)

Millennials are both coveted and scorned by marketers. They are open-minded, self-revealing and bold, but also digitally savvy consumers who want it on their own terms. All too often, those are terms that resist traditional influence, requiring marketers to understand and innovate in order to reap the substantial rewards. Steven

Contextual Marketing in the Era of Mobility (Jeffrey K Rohrs, CMO of Yext)

In the next 5 years, smart mobile devices are set to more than double from 1.75 to 4 billion. Mobility is driving most of the change today in the way that people interact with the World. Yet a whopping 93% of all transactions still take place in brick and mortar

Even Iconic Brands need to Innovate to Survive (Jennifer Sey, CMO of Levi’s)

There are few brands as globally recognized and secure in their market positioning as Levi's. The 142 year old apparel company is as iconic as it is beloved. Not ready to rest on its own laurels, however, the brand is actively engaged in martech inspired strategies. In this episode of

The New Role of Marketing (Wendy A. M. Yale, VP Corporate Marketing of Illumio)

In the digital age, the volume and variety of channels in which brands interact with buyers has grown immensely, rendering the game of positioning strategy much more complex than ever before. It is now incumbent on brands to understand their buyers' needs well enough to "show up" in the places