What is a ‘Smart Network’ and How Will It Affect the Future?

Smart homes. Smart vehicles. Smart phones. Smart watches. These days everything is getting “smart.” But what does that really mean? How does that really impact our lives? How will “smart” in the future be different than the “smart” we know now? And what does that mean to marketing systems? Joining

#BADMarketing from Bloomingdale’s

The latest marketing fail heard round the world... #BADMarketing 

What Is Pull Marketing and How Does It Add Brand Value?

Today's buyers are able to respond to marketing with two choices they never had in the past: They can ignore, skip or block ads through ad-blocking software or tools like Tivo, and they can also talk back to brands through social media. Together, this is radically altering the go to market

Infographic: 4 Ways to Generate Leads with Marketing Automation Software

Producing a steady stream of leads is typically the top strategy for producing revenue for many organizations. Securing that steady stream of leads is not as easy as it sounds and continues to make measuring ROI difficult for most marketers. Marketing automation software, or lead generation software, is one of

How to Market Smart When You’re Not an IT Expert

Email marketing, proclaimed a dying tool by some, actually delivers the greatest ROI of any digital marketing solution, including social. This shows that new digital marketing solutions are supplementing, not subjugating existing techniques. For marketers, that means an ever-expanding need to work with technology to reach the right customers, with the

#BADMarketing from Subway [Video]

Have a safe Halloween weekend and eat all the candy (and burgers) you want.  (ADFREAK)

Think Before Ignoring These 15 Digital Marketing Trends

Marketers hardly have the time to sort hype from reality when thinking about digital marketing solutions. A new ebook by MDG Advertising helps to identify the biggest trends of 2015 and how to think about planning for 2016. 1. User-generated content: Consumers are creating more and more of their own

How CMOs Can Monetize With Real-Time Integrated Data

If you are conducting complex marketing operations on the Enterprise level, you probably are using at least a half dozen different marketing technology (martech) applications to run your CRM, demand generation, advertising, search marketing and so on. The data that is generated from these martech tools is rich with value

Infographic: How To Drive Marketing Success With Metrics

Marketers looking to stay competitive know it's all about the numbers. From monetizing budget and leveraging marketing technology (martech) to determining search success and personalizing campaigns, marketing in the digital age can feel like one big math test. To optimize your digital marketing solutions, focus on these key areas: 1.

#BADMarketing from Nike

Why, Nike? WHY?! #BADMarketing Image: Courtesy of Worth 1000