How To Use Unstructured Data to Understand Customer Language

According to Gartner, 80% of the world’s data is unstructured. That presents a real challenge to those trying to use available information to understand what customers are saying about a brand’s products and services. Language—whether it is in social media postings, email or verbal form—offers a treasure trove of potential

#BADMarketing Near A Graveyard

This doesn't look fun at all #BADMarketing Image: Courtesy of DOSE

Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Basic Steps Marketers Need To Know (Pt. 1)

Even the savviest of marketers need a little help every now and again. SEO and SEM is one of those specializations that many of you think requires an expert to manage. In many cases, that is a very true assessment. But the truth really is that the basics can take

How Marketing Can Contribute To Revenue Generation

Do you look at marketing as a cost center or as a revenue center? If you answered “cost center,” you’re missing out on a big opportunity. However, don’t feel bad. For a long period of time, marketing has been seen as just that: a necessary but overall costly part of

How Marketing Technology Helps Scale Global Marketing Organizations

Enterprise level marketing professionals understand the increasingly vital role of technology in marketing, but often lack the experience and peer support to optimize technology use for growth in their organizations. The question of solving the particularly challenging task of scaling up a global marketing organization made of multiple product lines,

#BADMarketing at the Grocery Store

To be (fit) or not to be (fit), that is the question. #BADMarketing Image: Courtesy of DOSE

Infographic: 4 Marketing Analytics That Matter For Driving Revenue

Too often markers talk about activities instead of outcomes – for example, how many campaigns you ran, how many trade shows you participated in, how many new names you added to the lead database. These are metrics that reinforce the perception that marketing is a cost center, not a revenue

Customer Experience is the Core of Big Data Marketing

The book “Big Data-Driven Business” suggests that some 90% of marketers are paralyzed by the bewildering amount of choice within the marketing technology (martech) ecosystem, while the other 10% are “using technologies to create incredible changes to the trajectories of their businesses.” So what separates the ‘movers’ from the ‘shakers’?

5 Ways to Boost Your B2B Marketing into Overdrive

B2B companies have recently had to confront an awkward truth. No longer is Sales driving the bus. Buyers are firmly in the driver’s seat with hands on the wheel and a foot on the pedal. And their journey can be a long one. B2B buyers do not make purchasing decisions

#BADMarketing from Starbucks

Accidental #BADMarketing is still hilarious. Image; Courtesy of DOSE