A tale of two conferences: Internet Retailer and Online Community Unconference 2007

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: After attending the Internet Retailer Conference and the Online Community Unconference 2007 last week, I'm really seeing the amazing value that Unconferences offer. They have the right people in the room and I've found them to be tremendously valuable as a dialogue of sharing rather than the

Are you sure you have the budget to hire Web 2.0 developers?

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: In a recent San Jose Mercury News article "WEB 2.0 DEVELOPERS IN GREAT DEMAND", reporter Ryan Blitstein talks about the real world costs of hiring Web 2.0 developers today. It's going up.. way up! And will continue to do so. "...soaring well into six figures" Reporter Ryan

One of the best communications books for today’s “NOISY” world – The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: The Brand Gap is one of the best books on communication out there today. Even though it is technically a brand marketing book and is not specifically about web strategy, the books goal to merge the gap between business strategy and design is a big challenge to

Failure in Silicon Valley

John Caddell writes about failure on the Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog. He talks about how in many companies, failure means you'll be packing your bags soon. We see this issue in spades in Silicon Valley. The big companies have a harder time failing, as their culture doesn't enable it.

Top Eight Reasons Why Consulting Doesn’t Work

Margie Zable Fisher who runs theprsite.com wrote a great blog (that Guy Kawasaki posted on his blog How to Change the World) titled The Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn't Work. I have been a management consultant for twenty years and I have delivered hundreds of successful strategy, planning and

Web 2.0 defined in short video by Dr. Michael Wesch, ‘Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us’

‘KEY’ TAKE AWAY: An instant ‘classic’ video that simplifies and clarifies the question that so many still have. What is Web 2.0? A must see 4.5 minute video. James Key Lim

White paper: SAP and their Web 2.0 strategy

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: Robin Fray Carey's white paper on SAP's adoption of Web 2.0 is an insightful perspective into what the best of "traditional" companies are doing to keep their leadership position in a "non-traditional" Web 2.0 world. MORE LINKS WORTH YOUR TIME: SAP to Enterprise 2.0 Community: We Get

Microsoft takes you on a bad date – Web 2.0 style

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: Geert Desager of Microsofts Digital Advertising Solutions created a 2 minute movie of a "date" between a guy (representing Advertisers) and the girl (representing Consumers) in a Web 2.0 world. The video takes home the message in a creative, funny way that dialogue is what today's relationships

Just a few web strategy observations from the Democratic Debates

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: Inspired by the Democratic debates, I made some notes on a few web strategy observations. USA Today and Huffington Post got it by live blogging the debate. Democratic party website missed an opportunity by not having any information on the debates on the front page. This is

I Have a Jack Arse in My LinkedIn Network

I receive two or three emails every day that say something to the extent of "I use Linked-in so you should join my network?" Many people must be blindly checking "Accept" to these emails and perpetuating the idea that having many people in your "network" equates to some form of