What are rich internet applications (RIA) and “What is it good for?”

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: This blog post by Alex Iskold is one of the best summaries of rich internet applications (RIA) that I've seen so far. I believe that RIAs will be an important compliment to the increasing number of software as a service (Saas) offerings. RIAs will allow user to

What is a wiki? – Lee Lefever at Common does his magic with another simple video

'KEY TAKE AWAY': In less than 4 minutes. See what a wiki is all about. There are many more usages of a wiki than shown, but this is one of the simplest and memorable explanations that is a must see. James Key Lim

Communicating Internally -Why It’s Also Part of Marketing

I was at a prospective client meeting last week, and the VP of Marketing made two excellent points that I feel are often overlooked in the marketing of high technology products and services. The first is that messages regarding the company and its products should be simple and repeatable. The

Questions that a Community Evangelist should ask before taking the job

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: Jeremiah Owyang is a primary source for information on community evangelists. In this post, he shares questions for Community Evangelists to ask their potential employers before taking the job.

Marketing To Business Decision Makers – The “Smile Curve”

Many of our clients sell technology products. When they do, they are often aiming their marketing at the technology decision maker (TDM). This makes sense in many cases, especially when the client is selling an infrastructure product. However, we have seen a rise in the importance of the business decision

Marketing Gets the Message – Put Customers First

I've been involved with a program of projects where we've taken horizontal messages and value propositions of products and solutions and made them relevant to specific vertical markets. I've completed projects like this over a long time, but most recently, the differences between the two approaches really struck me. As

Crowd sourcing: ‘Open source’for business product development

'KEY TAKE AWAY': Crowd sourcing is asking an group of 'amateur' people (the crowd) from the internet to do what a 'professional' individual or company would do traditionally. With the benefit of reduced cost and also building loyal, trusting communities, there is really no reason not to explore different forms

The fourth leg of Web 2.0 strategy – Culture

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: Culture is one of four aspects of a Web 2.0 strategy (along with business, users, and technology). To not embrace the culture of Web 2.0 in your organization is to risk the ability to efficiently and successfully benefit from Web 2.0. I have a great deal of

Web Strategy today: Interview with Steven Gehlen by Jeremiah Owyang

KEY TAKE AWAY: Steven Gehlen, founder of the Internet Strategy Forum talks about web strategy today based upon a survey of conducted with web strategist. Suggestions include elevating an individual in your company to the Chief Internet Strategist and letting Marketing making technology decisions as well so that IT does

Change management in using Web 2.0 in your business: Lead the way and give them a taste

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: The biggest hurdle to Web 2.0 in your business is not the technology but the change associated with integrating Web 2.0 with your people, culture, and business. The answer begins with leadership and continues with examples of how Web 2.0 can help "me". In the end, users