Great white paper on Enterprise 2.0: “Web 2.0 goes corporate”

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: This Economist report sponsored by FAST, is a great primer into the definition, perspectives, and challenges of Enterprise 2.0. Keep in mind this was published in Jan. 2007 and already things are changing quickly. The Enterprise 2.0 tipping point has been reached with Cisco, SAP, etc. announcing

Must see slide presentation: What is Enterprise 2.0?

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: You are only 44 slides away from finally being able to explain Enterprise 2.0 to someone. In one word, it's collaboration. | View | Upload your own

ZDNet series “At the Whiteboard” is worth a few minutes to learn core Web 2.0 concepts

'KEY' TAKE AWAY: ZDNet video series "At the Whiteboard" has industry folks describe core concepts on a "white board". It's a great way to learn some basics in less than 5 minutes. "At the Whiteboard" Web 2.0 concepts: Effective professional blogging - Bob Artner, VP, TechRepublic; Length: 03:27 SEO 101

Pleo, the first robotic life form!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time with the fantastically talented team at Ugobe and getting to interact with their new robotic life form called Pleo. What is Pleo? Its a robotic life form that is like nothing else you have ever seen before! From the inventor Caleb Chung..."Pleo

Silo Busting: How to Ensure Solutions Make it to Market

In John Caddell’s blog, he talks about selling solutions. The reason every product company wants to sell solutions is that every enterprise client wants to buy a solution to a business problem, not component parts that just might – maybe – provide a solution (until it breaks). I agree with

Social Media: Opportunity and Risk

Denise Shiffman writes about a report on the Inc. 500 by the Center for Marketing Research that speaks to smaller companies moving to social media faster than large companies. The reason smaller companies are earlier adopters is that they perceive they have a lot less to lose. The larger companies

Customer UI

Francois Gossieaux's blog on "Customer UI" makes some excellent points about the total customer experience. Most companies are looking for efficiencies in their systems and ways to reduce costs, not ways to optimize the customer experience. Furthermore, much of the challenge comes from "siloed" organizations that are building out customer-related

What Market Segment?

In Seth Godin's blog yesterday, "Trusted Ears," he talks about different people you can talk to to test out new ideas. His eventual question is "who are you asking?" Seth is tapping into a much bigger question we address with our clients every day "What market segment should you listen

Making Change Stick….When new marketing processes are introduced

We have been asked to help develop a process around product lifecycle management (PLC) (a.k.a. product development lifecycle management). An example of a methodology pertaining to PLC is found here. As Seth Godin points out in his post on Learning From Bananas, "selling change is much harder than you think".

In Search of the Perfect Playlist

Like a lot of people these days, most of my digital music is stored on iTunes. I have a few custom playlists - but in general I am always in pursuit of the Perfect Playlist. I rarely have time to sit down and go through my 1,000's of files and