Dell’s Web 2.0 Effort Can Do Better

Companies are fundamentally changing their connection to their target markets, by connecting to those customers and prospects via Web 2.0 technologies. One example, highlighted further in John Cass's blog, is Dell's Ideastorm website. What you see here is an example of a company very wisely reaching out to its user

HP Unveils Video Merchant Services for Retailers

In a recent Business 2.0 article HP talked about its new offering for Retailers - its basically a digital platform that archives movies and television shows and a web service that enables video downloads. I should say up front that Crimson is working on helping HP on this initiative and

Social Media Club, Discussion on Social Networks

Join me at the Social Media Club at CNet in San Francisco on Thursday, April 26th, 6pm for a discussion on networks in social media: How do we create networks? How do we create value in our networks? How do we define value in networks? How do you talk/ connect

Live Stream from Web 2.0 Expo

I've been watching Jeremiah Owyang's live streaming from the Web 2.0 Expo this morning while catching up on some work. Its great to stay connected to the event even though I can't get there myself again until this afternoon - thanks Jeremiah! El Paso

Web 2.0 Expo – Buzzing with Energy!

Landing Strategic Messaging in the Field – How Effective are Your Efforts?

Ever had the experience of spending tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars to come up with the "right" messages, value propositions, positioning statements and other internal marketing tools, then have them simply not achieve traction with your sales force? It's surprising how many enterprises just aren't effective at taking

Implementation Shock

In speaking with one of our clients, we discussed the strategy work in which we were involved. We agreed that the strategy development process was a good one, and that the resulting strategic direction for the company was the right one. Then, we talked about what would be required to

6 Common Pitfalls in Post-Merger Integration

Market data shows that capturing the anticipated value from a merger is difficult and rare. Despite strong financial and strategic rationale, only 50% of all mergers create positive returns. Fewer than 20% of all mergers create substantial returns. I have identified 6 common pitfalls that destroy shareholder value by contributing

Starting a Dialog with Your Market: 8 Steps to Establishing a Successful Corporate Blog

The blogosphere is enormous; as of January 2007, the blog search engine Technorati was indexing more than 63 million blogs. And it's growing all the time; every day, new blogs launch, hoping to find an audience among web users. A significant number are being created by corporations who see blogs

Competing on Analytics

What can we learn from what other companies are doing to compete in a better, smarter, more analytic fashion - an approach the enables you to make bets that are against conventional wisdom? The authors of Competing on Analytics (Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris), speak to companies that are winning