#BADMarketing from La Vela Restaurants

  We do love seafood. We don't love a seagull superimposed on this woman's body. #BADMarketing Image: Courtesy of Webneel.com

How Marketing Technology Can Help Tell Brand Stories

When choosing marketing software to tell their stories, marketers typically want to use technology in a way others have not tried before. But the question to really ask yourself when choosing marketing technology is: "Does the new technology help tell a better story about my brand or will the story

The New Marketing Rivals: Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising [Infographic]

As more companies look to expanding their digital reach, budgets for content marketing are growing and new promotion strategies are being explored. [Tweet "51% of #B2B marketers plan to increase #contentmarketing spend over next 12 months"] [Tweet "#B2B marketers allocate approx. 26% of their total budget to #contentmarketing"] Companies are

#BADMarketing from Condomania

It says this is an ad for condoms but we're not convinced inflatable boxing ring. #BADMarketing Source: ADCR

B2B Marketing Rock Stars: Data Is Driving Modern Buyer Personas

Traditionally, B2B marketers have created buyer personas from customer hunches, not factual customer data. "As a result, a vast majority (83%) of B2B marketers say that their buyer personas are only 'somewhat' effective, according to a study from the ITSMA. While 80% of respondents expected to see higher conversion rates

How Big Data and Marketing Analytics Help Sales

The data explosion over the past few years has spawned staggering statistics relating to the massive new volume of data being produced. We are collecting information via billions of connected devices including smartphones, PC’s, RFID sensors, gaming devices and even our automobiles. It is not only the volume of data

4 Ways To Make Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy Stand Out

Content marketing has reached a pinnacle. Creating more content isn't the answer anymore. We've now entered a world of content overload. IBM reports that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years. That's a staggering number! Though more and more investment is being made in

Infographic: What’s Trending In Marketing for 2015?

It's old news now that your buyers are educated on your products and services before ever speaking to a sales rep. Popular content research sources for B2B buyers are: whitepapers - 78% case studies - 73% webinars - 67% [Tweet "40% of #B2B buyers most frequently share blog posts "]

Why Marketing Analytics And Metrics Are Related But Not The Same

Many marketers use the terms metrics and analytics in the same sentence and sometimes even interchangeably. This is wrong, because they are not the same. Metrics are standards of measurement: 1. Activity measures - number of new blog posts or the number of events, and the associated hard and soft

#BADMarketing from KAYAK [Video]

[embed]https://youtu.be/IAQKARUgUBg[/embed] If we don't use Kayak to book our vacations, we'll miss out on all the best travel deals unless we dilate our pupils. Right... #BADMarketing. Video: Courtesy of AdFreak/Adweek