Demand Center for Seagate



“Crimson saved our Demand Center. Eloqua was initially not set up correctly so when we started putting heavy traffic through it, we had to shut down. Further, Eloqua and SFDC were not integrated properly so lead passing was not working. The Crimson Marketing Team worked literally day and night with us, Oracle, and SFDC re-configuring the Demand Center System (including a marketing data warehouse). Crimson is part of our team and we simply cannot operate without their expertise. Thank you Crimson Team!!!!”
– Kay Kienast, Sr. Executive, Global Demand Center, Seagate


CHALLENGE: Seagate was ready to aggressively go to market with a new offering, but discovered their demand center was not fully operational.

SOLUTION: Crimson helped Seagate identify and implement a solution for a marketing data warehouse, and integrated multiple marketing systems to enable the demand center to work effectively.

RESULTS: We helped Seagate go to market by fixing the technical challenges in getting their demand center up and running, against an extremely aggressive deadline.

Upon discovering their demand center was not working properly, Seagate realized they were not going to be able to meet an aggressive go to market deadline to promote a new offering. They found that their available customer data was not accurate, their marketing automation platform and CRM (Eloqua and Salesforce) were not efficiently integrated, and their new marketing automation system (Eloqua) was not set up correctly. Leads were not flowing to Seagate’s tele-qualification team. And despite implementing their new Eloqua instance only recently, their ISP was blacklisted which prevented marketing messages from reaching active recipients.

Additionally, Seagate needed to rebuild their prospect database and implement a reporting capability to measure campaign results.

Crimson Marketing helped Seagate identify and implement a solution for a marketing data warehouse that gave them access to prospect and customer data in real-time. We then worked with a data provider to build and populate the marketing data warehouse with the right prospect data. We built reporting capabilities on top of the marketing data warehouse to enable senior management to see campaign results.

We also set up and integrated Eloqua with Salesforce so lead passing could occur and Seagate could run campaigns properly. After a comprehensive instance audit, Crimson was able to identify the root causes of the Eloqua challenges and submitted a roadmap to bring Eloqua back up to speed. Marketing technologists recreated a number of lead management programs, wrote documentation and established new functionalities within the system. Eloqua was properly integrated with the tele-qualification system (a system utilized by a separate agency)

Prior to Crimson standing up the demand center, Seagate was not even able to run marketing campaigns. Once we had integrated all these systems together to enable the demand center to work effectively, Seagate was able to run campaigns and create leads against an extremely aggressive deadline.

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