Digital Marketing Audit

“Crimson conducted a Digital Marketing Audit that was impressive in both depth and breadth. Because of their expertise in Digital Marketing, they showed us areas for immediate improvement, as well as a roadmap for future investments.Their focus on marketing performance guided our decisions about where to invest to maximize our ROI.”

– Bob Braham, CMO, SGI


CHALLENGE: Clients wanted to upgrade the impact of their digital marketing efforts, and wanted to understand where and how to improve.

SOLUTION: Crimson examined all elements of their digital marketing strategy and benchmarked their approach against key competitors. Crimson recommended areas for immediate improvement and provided a roadmap for future investments.

RESULTS: Microsoft took our recommendations and implemented them in-house. SunPower used our framework to help educate the rest of the company on the new digital marketing strategy. SGI focused on some immediate implementation issues, including making massive changes to their website.

Creating an optimal digital marketing strategy is a challenge many companies face. Microsoft, SunPower, and SGI were each respectively executing some digital marketing as part of their overall integrated marketing approach. The problem was none of these companies were satisfied with their digital marketing strategy.

They were lacking a “deep enough” understanding of how digital marketing fit into the way their prospects purchased their products and services. Their approach was ad-hoc, lacking an integrated strategy and missing a strategic framework.

Microsoft, SunPower, and SGI were all able to see that their respective competitors were outperforming them in the digital marketing arena. Their offerings were much weaker and they recognized that they would fall behind if they didn’t address this competitive threat head on.

The first step was ensuring the CMO and other senior marketing executives were in full agreement on a concise definition of the target market(s).

Then, we helped them identify who are their buyers and influencers. From there, we moved into persona development to create deep understanding of what was important to the buyers, and how to digitally communicate their respective value propositions to each buyer and influencer.

We developed a content strategy and go to market framework to ensure consistency in communication, and to show our clients how and where to communicate with buyers in an integrated way. We also helped them understand what marketing technologies to use to take advantage of digital marketing data, actionable information, targets, and checkpoints to better market to their buyers and influencers.

Microsoft, SunPower, and SGI were each provided with their own unique Digital Marketing Framework to address key short-term opportunities and were also provided a roadmap for the next year to show them where to make their investments and to see the ROI of the investments. The clients took the framework to educate all marketers on how to do digital marketing and used it to develop an internal digital marketing center of excellence. This allowed each client to introduce new marketing capabilities as a result of understanding where digital marketing fit into their buyer’s journey.

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