Email Nurture Approach and Implementation

Email Nurture Approach

CHALLENGE: Our client was about to launch a new product into the enterprise market. While they understood the buyer’s journey, they weren’t prepared to extend their email marketing beyond the launch through automated nurturing.

SOLUTION: Crimson developed an email marketing strategy and built an email nurture framework to enable effective nurturing, and move people through their buying process faster.

RESULTS: Our approach helped increase the velocity of the nurture funnel and conversion of prospects to marketing qualified leads.

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Our client was ready to focus on the enterprise. The problem was their enterprise marketing department was not fully equipped to take on launching a new product into the market.

The Americas email marketing team was a newly created function within the demand generation department and was not yet prepared to take on nurturing. Realizing they were unable to meet the requirements alone, our client enlisted Crimson Marketing to guide their email strategy in support of the product launch for the go to market deadline.

After gaining a deeper understanding of their new product offering and brand messaging, Crimson developed an email nurturing framework, including copy creation, nurture stream design with trigger rules and project management.

Typically, when a company develops its first nurture program, it’s developed based on a time trigger. The program Crimson created had a time element to it, but any action (e.g. email opens and click-throughs) sped up the process to engage with the prospect while they’re paying attention, instead of waiting to communicate at a time where we would be competing with external factors to win back their attention. We created decision rules to determine how to segment emails, their timing, and triggers. This approach helped increase the velocity of the nurture funnel and conversion of prospects to marketing qualified leads.

Our client was pleased with our email copy and nurture programs so much that we were able to reduce the number of review cycles, saving them time and effort. They are also adopting the project management system and project templates we introduced to them.

Challenged with an aggressive timeframe and intensive internal requirements, Crimson was able to adapt to changes in messaging and offers, and develop a nurturing campaign to get the product into market on time.

We attribute our success with this client to having the capability to match their speed, limitations and work within their corporate environment.

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