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Going Digital: The Secrets Revealed [Video]

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Glenn Gow

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It takes more than competing with your competitors and incremental changes to transition your company to digital. Companies who are really focused on going digital challenge themselves to think long term, about new business models, and are disruptive.

Digital companies are willing to make tough decisions right now, today. That means you need to figure out which of your digital marketing solutions are working and which aren’t. Digital companies get rid of any programs, applications, services that aren’t performing well. “The creative-destruction process in good digital companies happens fast, and it’s shameless. It doesn’t matter if something fails, you just move on.

To ensure a smooth transition to digital, companies need to invest in a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). A great CDO is a patient CDO, who operates cross-functionally across your entire organization. “They have to be able to get buy-in from lots of people—with lots of different parts of the profit and loss—that they don’t have remit over. They have to be able to fundamentally disrupt what the organization is doing.

If your CDO doesn’t meet the above qualifications, it’s going to be very difficult to achieve anything. “In some ways, CDOs need to be doing themselves out of a job when running a digital transformation, because the endgame is that digital is infused throughout the whole organization. It’s just the DNA; it’s what everyone does.

The organizational challenges of transitioning to digital are enormous. In this video, McKinsey director Kate Smaje reveals what leading companies do differently, the qualities required of a successful CDO, and what organizations must do to make digital change happen.

(McKinsey & Company)

Image: Courtesy of Edutopia

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