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The Retail Experience – I love browsing!

Posted on February 16, 2007 by Crimson Marketing

I finally had a chance to view Steve Ballmer of Microsoft’s video of retail of the future from the NRF. It shows a woman managing her shopping list through her cell phone and using that to navigate through the aisles in an efficient way. It made me laugh because I actually know someone that has most of the aisles mapped out at the local grocery store to a shopping list. I have made fun of his obsessiveness of mastering the granular details of store layout, and this video validates his process! I’m not sure that this would be very appealing for a lot of people (including a lot of women I know) who actually like – oh dare I say – prefer to browse! I guess it depends on your perspective of the retail experience, I find shopping fun and entertaining. Others find shopping a chore that needs to be made as efficient as possible.

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