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How To Hurt and Help B2B Innovation

Posted on March 19, 2015 by Glenn Gow

b2b marketing technology Mastering B2B marketing innovation means going “beyond throwing around creative ideas and actually implementing change.” The top three organizational challenges driving innovation need, as ranked by B2B marketers, are:

  1. The pressure to deliver a consistent and positive customer experience (38%)
  2. Product innovation (34%)
  3. Emerging business models and competitors (33%)

“B2Bs need to look at innovation from every angle if they want to succeed, as strategy, customer focus and B2B marketing technology all come into play. When asked about the leading factors fueling innovation, respondents were most likely to cite strategic ones such as committed leaders and prioritizing efforts. Other top innovation drivers were a customer-centric focus as well as tools, meaning marketers can’t just look at this from a human or tech angle—they need to collaborate and integrate across channels to innovate most effectively.”

What are roadblock to innovation?

  1. Close-mindedness
  2. Risk aversion
  3. Low tolerance for failure

Innovation need isn’t limited to B2Bs:

  • 14% of marketers said innovation was a leading priority of customers (this percentage came up from 9% in August 2014)
  • “Quality, service and low prices—the most-cited priorities in August—fell or remained the same.”

“It’s not enough for marketers to wait for change to just happen. To remain relevant and outpace the competition, professionals must take a well-rounded approach, be open-minded and actually put ideas into action.”

Source: eMarketer

Image: Courtesy of TABBERT

Glenn Gow

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