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Infographic: 4 Marketing Analytics That Matter For Driving Revenue

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Glenn Gow

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Too often markers talk about activities instead of outcomes – for example, how many campaigns you ran, how many trade shows you participated in, how many new names you added to the lead database. These are metrics that reinforce the perception that marketing is a cost center, not a revenue center.

To change that perception, marketers need to start talking about how their marketing objectives impact the whole sales process and drive revenue.air track gymnastics

Instead of seeing marketing tactics in isolation, marketers need an end-to-end view of buyer engagement.  It’s not about the first “touch” that brings a prospect into the sales funnel, or the last “touch” before signing a deal. It’s about tracking all the touch points at which a prospect connects with your marketing programs, and measuring those multi-touch impacts.

So how do you do it? Here are four marketing analytics for demonstrating marketing’s ability to drive revenue.

  • Flow: Where are prospects connecting with your marketing programs?
  • Balance: How many prospects are in each stage of the sales funnel?
  • Conversion: What’s the ratio of movement from stage to stage?
  • Velocity: What’s the rate of movement from stage to stage?

By tracking these metrics, and mapping them to your programs, you gain the quantitative data that shows marketing ROI.

Read the full article on Marketo’s blog to dive in deeper. And to learn more about why marketing is the new revenue generator, listen to the Moneyball for Marketing podcast with Cisco CMO Karen Walker, which inspired this article. 

moneyball for marketing, marketing objectives, marketing tactics, marketing ROI, marketing revenue


Image: Courtesy of Localytics 

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