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Juiced About Joost

Posted on February 16, 2007 by Crimson Marketing

I’m very excited after seeing the BETA for Joost (AKA The Venice Project) because it promises to be one of the most innovative advances in watching video online…imagine watching full-screen, broadcast quality video on your pc! After seeing the BETA I was blown away by how intuitive and easy to use the interface is. AND – I am most excited about the potential for real-time social networks on Joost – watch a video, share it with friends, rate it, chat about it, blog about it. Imagine being able to watch a TV show season finale with friends and other fans from around the world and being able to communicate about it while its in progress – its a TV junkie’s dream.

Some screenshots from the Joost BETA (images from Joost):

J_07blog_nettwerk_myj_thumb J_04blog_wbr_channel_thumb J_02blog_otf_nav_info_thumb J_06blog_wbr_overlay_thumb

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