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“Crimson helped to shift our executive team’s focus from “lead cost” to “lead value” by ​measuring performance through the entire funnel. They worked with​ ​us​ ​to find, validate, and organize the data for a​ full-funnel​ analysis that made closed deal lead performance clear to all. We are continuing to use the Crimson framework to optimize our marketing performance.”
– Ross Woodard, CMO, Bridgepoint Education

“Crimson has been a great partner to work with. They have shown tremendous insight in helping us build out the technologies and processes of our demand center.”
– David Flesh, VP Marketing – Cloud Systems & Solutions, Seagate

MarTech Structure Assessment

Our client had a marketing technology (martech) stack that evolved without direction, which is a common problem for many companies. They had too many systems that were not integrated at the marketing level, the data layer or the systems level.

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Marketing Systems Integration and Data Mart Creation

Our client acquired two startups, and was attempting to go to market with a new, unified offering.
Once the startups were acquired, our client found they now had to manage various different systems each with their own custom data fields, including three versions of Salesforce, two versions of Eloqua and no other consistent marketing technology (martech).

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Measuring Marketing’s Impact on Revenue

Our client was no different than the rest. Their marketing department was spending a lot of their budget and effort in an attempt to measure their results, but they were not able to connect any individual marketing activities to revenue.

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Additional References

“We were very pleased with Crimson because they saved us an enormous amount of time and money. Their ability to address key strategic business issues impressed us.”
– Saverio Merlo, SVP Marketing, BMC Software

“For several years, I have leveraged Crimson to provide outstanding insights into software pricing and packaging – at the level of the customer. Given the complex nature of typical IT environments, these insights have helped me optimize pricing in a way that clearly correlates value to price paid by our customers, while creating logical pricing structures for our partner ecosystem.”
– Ryan Knauss, VP Pricing & Licensing, VMware

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