MarTech Structure Assessment

MarTech Structure Assessment

CHALLENGE: Our client had a marketing technology (martech) stack that was built in an ad-hoc manner and appeared to be ineffective and not tied to the overall marketing strategy.

SOLUTION: Crimson Marketing started by understanding the marketing strategy, then built a martech roadmap. The roadmap showed them how to migrate to a new marketing infrastructure without disturbing the existing lead flow and increasing the capture of detailed customer data.

RESULTS: Our client (counterintuitively) achieved a decrease in overall lead flow, while increasing the number of qualified leads, and increasing conversions throughout the pipeline all the way through to revenue.

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Our client had a marketing technology (martech) stack that evolved without direction, which is a common problem for many companies. They had too many systems that were not integrated at the marketing level, the data layer or the systems level.

The client wanted to start on a ‘fresh sheet of paper’, and needed help evaluating what a new martech structure could and should look like. Their main goals included: (1) filling the top of their funnel by attracting new (qualified) visitors to their website, (2) providing personalized information to visitors on the website and (3) creating a nurture track of relevant content for prospects to continually move them through the purchase cycle.

Crimson provided our client with an assessment of their current martech stack and a roadmap that consisted of jettisoning some software, adding new software, and optimizing the existing software. The future martech stack needed to consistently speak to prospects across devices and also understand where a prospect fell within the buyer’s journey.

Crimson created a process for migrating the client from their current martech structure to the future martech state without disturbing their lead flow. The process was specifically designed to transition prospects through the new system while gradually obtaining more detailed prospect data to better nurture them with targeted content.

At the base level, the martech structure we put together was a system that allowed the client to track how they moved prospects down their sales funnel. On top of that we implemented a marketing automation platform that could understand and provide visibility into how prospects are interacting with the brand. The final layer of the technology stack included email strategy, social media, and retargeting that allowed the client to measure results throughout the entire process.

The new martech structure brought fewer, but better qualified prospects into the top of the funnel. The improved website structure increased the percentage of visitors converting on the site and provided the client with richer customer data. Due to the improved quality of leads and customer experience, the client saw an increase in conversion rates and revenue.

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