Expert Interview with Glenn Gow on Marketing Technology

Crimson Marketing CEO, Glenn Gow, was recently interviewed by ReachForce as part of their Expert Interview program. Click here to read the interview and let me know what you think!

Four Overlooked Success Factors in Demand Generation

While many demand generation experts focus on things like targeting the right audience and developing an appropriate offer for that audience, this is only part of the equation for what’s needed to really succeed with demand gen. Here are four critical factors that contribute to the success of demand generation.

Guide the Buyer’s Journey with Web Experience Data

Happy with your last purchase, you visit a brand’s website intent on buying more of its products. The website loads, and you’re immediately greeted with a pop-up advertising the exact product you recently purchased. Why? Well, the brand has failed to leverage its web experience data -- in this case,

5 Smart Ways to Build B2B Thought Leadership with Content Marketing

Let’s face it; B2B buyers are unlikely to take you seriously unless you’re a big-name brand or they’ve heard about you from an independent source, for example through a recommendation on a social network. Unless you’re Google, Apple or you happen to know the buyer’s cousin, you might as well

How Big Data and Marketing Analytics Can Help Sales

The recent data explosion has spawned staggering statistics relating to the massive new volume of data being produced. We are collecting information via billions of connected devices including smartphones, PC’s, RFID sensors, gaming devices and even our automobiles. It is not only the volume of data changing the business landscape,

Glenn Gow Featured in WittyParrot’s Ebook “Sales Productivity Tips from the Experts”

Crimson CEO, Glenn Gow, shares his expert tips on sales productivity. Download WittyParrot’s free 100 page ebook to read Glenn’s advice on moving on quickly when it comes to sales excellence.

How to Compete In an Omni-Channel World

With Amazon alone gaining 65 billion dollars in market value over the past five years, it isn’t news that retail leads the way in a historic disruption of the relationship between buyers and sellers. The popularization of smart phones and tablets, expanded offerings online and the maturation of a generation

CEO Glenn’s Story: How I Got Hooked on Meditation

Crimson Marketing CEO Glenn Gow is interviewed by Petra Neiger on the benefits of meditation. Glenn stresses that meditation is the key to efficiency and effectiveness, and he views it as an investment. Read the full article here. 

Glenn Gow Named One of the 150 Marketers to Follow in 2015

Likeable Local put together their list of the top 150 thought-leading marketers to keep up with on Twitter. Click here to see the entire list.

Glenn Gow Named One Of The 7 Demand Generation Leaders You Need To Follow

It’s tough to find valuable and reliable content in today’s media saturated landscape. When it comes to demand generation and data driven marketing, the search gets even tougher. Click here to see Glenn and the other demand generation leaders.