Episode 22: Big Data and Marketing Technology featuring Glenn Gow of Crimson Marketing

Crimson Marketing CEO Glenn Gow joins Markto’s Marketing Nation to discuss data’s role in the executive suite, how marketers can drive revenue, and what big changes are happening among businesses all over the world. Read the full article here. 

Marketing Leader Interview with Crimson Marketing’s Glenn Gow

Crimson Marketing CEO Glenn Gow joins The Adaptive Marketer’s Gerardo A. Dada to discuss marketing strategy and leadership. Read the full article here. 

Revenue and the CMO: Author Glenn Gow Talks to Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing CEO Glenn Gow joins Marketing Smarts to share insights from his book, Revenue and the CMO, and to discuss how businesses can effectively implement social selling and measure the success of their efforts. Read full article here. 

Revenue and The CMO” Provides Case Study Worth Reading

Selecting a unique business book is difficult sometimes. Some topics require a lengthy treatment that may not fit into a busy schedule. Others are given too few pages to offer much insight on a topic. But some authors hit that perfect balance, short enough for the busy small business person