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Data Integration is the New Technology Marketing Game Changer

Posted on January 9, 2015 by Glenn Gow

Technology marketing has entered a new phase. Accessing and leveraging large sets of customer data for marketing, already required of enterprises that wish to remain competitive, is fast becoming the minimum ante to stay in the game. Sellers need to take marketing analytics to the next level by integrating the data of their key partners and suppliers, while simultaneously working to better understand and serve customers. “Being data-driven isn’t just about being data-driven within…four walls, but how (to) include…suppliers (and) partners within that as well,” says data integration software maker Talend CMO, Ashley Stirrup. Ashley joins this installment of Moneyball for Marketing to share his insights about the power of Big Data Integration in Technology Marketing. Highlights include:

Knowledge is Power: Ashley demonstrates how marketing analytics for data integrated from multichannel sources empowers companies to create more finely targeted segments of buyers, recognize individuals, optimize customer experience and sell more.

Better Together: What does filling out forms at the doctor’s office have to do with buying hardware online? Using real examples from industries as far flung as retail and healthcare, Ashley shows how data shared between every influencer in the supply chain results in optimized customer experiences, smarter technology marketing and better business results.

Inclination to Integration: Ashley explains how technology like Hadoop and NoSQL enable sellers to run marketing analytics on huge, live archives of data at a fraction of the price of traditional data warehousing solutions, and predict behavioral patterns with up to 90% accuracy. He spots the technology marketing trend toward real-time, cloud based integration and shares his thoughts on the importance of another type of integration—that between CMOs and CIOs.

Ashley Stirrup is the Chief Marketing Officer of Talend, an open source provider of data integration software with over 1800 customers, who’s mission is to help connect the data driven enterprise. Ashley is responsible for driving market leadership, global awareness, product management and demand generation. 
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