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How to Rise Above the Data Clutter

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Glenn Gow

93% of marketers are using content marketing as a strategy, producing 27 million pieces of content per day—but studies show that 70% of that content is ignored. It’s a real challenge for marketers to know what buyers care about, and what will actually move the needle. The sheer volume of content is just too large to instrument manually, while marketing technology often falls short. Brad Mattick, VP of Marketing and Products at content performance marketing platform BrightEdge, spends his days figuring out how marketers can rise above the clutter of the web to determine what really drives performance. In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Brad shares what’s wrong with the way marketers approach marketing intelligence—and what can be done about it. Highlights include:

Data downpour: By 2020, the digital universe is predicted to contain 44 trillion gigabytes of data—too much even for a team of data scientists to understand. Brad says that only with machine learning do marketers have a chance of distilling this data into meaningful marketing intelligence.

Bye-bye silos: Your web analytics, e-commerce results and social campaign data are helpful, but “really a siloed kind of view in a vacuum,” Brad says. He shares a cautionary tale of a major retailer whose “first party data centric approach” cost them dearly, and shares the two marketing technology needs that must be fulfilled to avoid a similar fate.

Watch the film: Just as professional sports teams “analyze the heck out of the competition,” so too must marketers and the tools they use. Brad identifies one big hole in the game of all 1800 Martech companies on the marketing technology map and predicts the next evolution in marketing intelligence.

Brad Mattick is the VP of Marketing and Products at BrightEdge, where he uses his expertise to lead all marketing-related initiatives, including PR, demand generation, product marketing, and product design. 

BrightEdge is the leading content performance marketing platform for the enterprise. Their technologies help marketers rise above the increasing clutter of the web to understand the performance of their content and drive measurable business results. 
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Glenn Gow

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