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Three Ways To Create and Convert Technology Buyers

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Earned media is playing a bigger than ever role in drawing potential buyers into sales funnels. On this episode of
Moneyball for Marketing, Christian Campagnuolo, CMO of Business Intelligence software firm Logi Analytics, prescribes how to define a consistent brand story, how to use marketing technology to develop a progressive profile of those interacting with your content, and how to nurture and qualify leads by creating multiple pathways along the Buyer’s Journey. Key concepts include:

  1. Breadcrumb Theory: Whether buyers enter the sales funnel through paid or earned media, you must address the emotional benefits your product has to offer them. The emotional benefit your product offers a CMO may be different than the benefit to a VP of Operations or Sales. Christian provides examples of how to use marketing technology to determine the role and interests of a buyer and then how to lay “breadcrumbs” along a custom tailored “Buyer’s Journey” relevant to their individual buyer persona.
  2. The Goldilocks Principle: Christian speaks about the importance of providing a prescriptive strategy to sales when handing off opportunities based on data collected through marketing technology during the Buyer’s Journey—“what is too hot, what is too cold, what is just right”—so that sales reps know both the emotional concerns of the buyer and what pathways they have already taken on their Buyer’s Journey.
  3. Sales is Storytelling: A whopping 80-90% of Logi’s lead funnel is generated from marketing. While marketing technology provides a wonderful means to capitalize on this funnel, Christian reminds us that branding and storytelling are the foundational elements that support the modern sales process, and shares how CMOs can get it right from the original creative through to the sales rep voice and tone.

Christian Campagnuolo is the CMO of Logi Analytics.  Christian has more than 18 years of experience in brand marketing, advertising, promotions, strategic planning and new business development.  Logi Analytics enables enterprises to raise their corporate I.Q. by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere.  By providing both a data discovery solution and a business information platform Logi helps customers address a broad range of use cases, enabling employees to be more informed, make better decisions and drive corporate performance. Christian holds a Marketing MBA from Rollins College. 
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