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What’s Missing From Your Technology Marketing Action Plan?

Posted on June 16, 2014 by Glenn Gow

“We live in a very complex and kind of fragmented ecosystem and it’s getting more fragmented, more complex all the time,” says Daniel Kehrer—digital thought leader, major media columnist and VP of Marketing for MarketShare, a cross-media marketing analytics company. 

This episode of Moneyball for Marketing gives us a flyover view of the technology marketing landscape, showing how everything from last click to snow shovels can affect marketing performance, and delivering field tested, actionable insights into how companies can win with marketing analytics. Key segments include:

  1. Attribution Anarchy:  Old models of attribution, where siloed data, flawed attribution biases and rudimentary analytics tools were relied upon, don’t cut it anymore. Daniel exposes the fundamental flaws in attribution scoring and clears a path to accurate and predictive attribution using advanced marketing analytics.
  2. War is Well:  Daniel reveals a case study from the technology marketing front lines where MarketShare’s army of PhD’s are combining traditional marketing mixed modeling methods with new digital attribution practices and digital “war games” scenarios to precisely and powerfully quantify return on marketing investment for big brand clients.
  3. Winning Wisdom:  Daniel shares the four key realizations that determine which marketing organizations are succeeding in technology marketing and which are still stuck in the past.
  4. Digital Destiny:  Convergence of data sources in marketing analytics, organizational infrastructure change and a “virtuous cycle” linking greater quantification with higher valuation of CMOs within corporations are a few of the predictions Daniel shares for the future of technology marketing.

Daniel Kehrer is the VP of Marketing of MarketShare. MarketShare offers cross-media analytics solutions for global marketers.  The company has been called out as a leader in the industry by Forrester Research; and a cool vendor by Gartner; and has enabled more than half of the Fortune 50 companies to dramatically improve their marketing effectiveness. MarketShare focuses on helping marketers figure out how much to spend, where and how to spend it and how those dollars will contribute to revenue. Daniel is in charge of marketing, communications, content, thought leadership and demand generation at MarketShare. Daniel informs, educates and creates actionable insights about big data and advanced marketing analytics through clear and engaging multimedia content. He’s a nationally recognized business thought leader, blogger, social media and Big Data influencer, Forbes contributor and columnist widely cited by major media such as the New York Times, MSNBC and many others. Daniel holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. 
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Glenn Gow

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