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Data, MarTech and Personalization-The Holy Trinity of Digital Marketing ( Jay Fry, Sr. VP Marketing of New Relic )

Posted on February 2, 2016 by Glenn Gow

The marketing systems of old relied upon poll results, focus groups, lump sum market averages and common sense to prognosticate sales results and craft campaigns to meet market needs. Not a very sophisticated approach, by today’s standards, but the only one available to us before the advent of the Big Data era. As marketing intelligence collection has moved online, and technology has developed that enables us to know with certitude who is buying what, when and where, a new world of possibilities has begun to take form. A holy trinity of sorts—data, martech and personalization—has come together as the foundation of this new world of Big Data marketing. To discuss this trident of marketing potential in this edition of Moneyball for Marketing comes Senior VP of Marketing for Big Data software analytics company New Relic. Jay discusses web and mobile applications, market segmentation and how organizations are using martech. Some of the key messages are as follows:

Me generation: Driven by mobile and a mindset of immediacy, both B2B and B2C customers “are starting to expect…the web experience to be more about me,” discuss Jay and Glenn. “I need you as the vendor to be smart about me, because I’m going to drift towards companies that personalize for me.” Citing work with Roku and Café Press, he reveals how New Relic’s marketing system of personalizing messages to audiences.

Sweet Tweets: “New Relic has been one of the most frequent and most aggressive users of Twitter to get to our customers and prospects,” shares Jay. He shares how his company uses Twitter to reach developers specifically, and believes that “the risk-reward for trying some of (Twitter’s) new capabilities is pretty high on the reward side.” Jay explains how his organization tries new technology in general and reveals when to get the best results with new technology.

Funnel incorporated: Between small and large organizations, interest segments, multiple products and multiple country markets, New Relic handles a “permutation of funnels on the wall that are pretty messy.” Jay discusses the challenge of gathering marketing intelligence on multiple funnels, with special attention to who comes through the funnel, acquisition, attribution and customer lifetime value.

Jay Fry is Senior Vice President of Marketing at New Relic. The New Relic SaaS offering helps software developers and IT operations teams improve application performance, create delightful customer experiences, and deliver better business outcomes.
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