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How to use Marketing Technology to Market Technology

Posted on September 30, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Creating an effective marketing system for technology products requires a combination of the strategic and the tactical, the creative and the data-driven. With the limited headcount and budgets of many marketing organizations, this is easier said than done. David Ginsburg took on such a challenge when he became CMO of performance oriented network virtualization company Pluribus Networks. David pulls back the curtain for us in this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, where we see the marketing technology tools and tactics he used to develop Pluribus’ automation, social media and content driven marketing system. Areas of focus include:

Automation Anxiety: The commitment to move from an old school spreadsheet-managed marketing system to marketing automation that supported actionable nurturing, campaign management, list integration and metrics tracking required Pluribus to onboard and integrate marketing technology tools like Salesforce, Pardot, RainKing and GoToWebinar. David explains how Pluribus uses these tools to strategically and efficiently develop its potential customer base.

Strategically Social: David describes the social media strategies that Pluribus uses, how the company has integrated its SEO and social strategies to make for a more dynamic website, and how Pluribus uses marketing technology to track where users come from, what content they interact with and both ‘how’ and ‘for how long’ that interaction takes place. He also discusses how Pluribus uses registration walls to capture user data and nurture leads.

Content that’s King: From David’s experience, videos of demos and customer case studies on Pluribus’ website are viewed more frequently than 1 or 2 page information sheet downloads. Likewise, short form content—small ‘nuggets of data’—are better received than long form content. David discusses how to gauge content quality and how to devise a marketing system that brings observers into the sales funnel.

David Ginsburg is the CMO of Pluribus Networks, a start-up and exciting innovator in software and hardware network virtualization for The Cloud. David is responsible for all corporate marketing including digital marketing, events, press, analyst relations, product management and technical partners. 
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