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Predictive Marketing Analytics Will Change How You Approach Online Marketing

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Glenn Gow

An amazing 60% of retail e-commerce marketers are still using so-called “one size fits all” campaigns across their marketing channels. Cloud based predictive marketing analytics is about to change that dramatically.  Companies like AgilOne are serving as a “data scientist in the cloud” for brands, providing a means to uncover specific buyer personas, integrate demographic data with behavioral records and empower marketers to engage buyers in an ongoing personalized dialog, rather than through single message campaigns.

In this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Dominique Levin, CMO at AgilOne, explains why marketing analytics are crucial not only for maximum profitability but also for customer retention. She gives us the rhyme and reason for using predictive analytics in online marketing and explains how this will lead to a new way of interacting with buyers across all marketing channels

  1. Love the ones you’re with: One true measure of success for marketing analytics is getting existing buyers to come back for more. Dominique shows how data science can be used to uncover personas so that marketers can deliver personalized, desirable content per buyer persona.
  2. VIP Treatment: While individuals may be quite averse to allowing random companies access to their personal data, they expect brands they do business with to recognize them for who they are across marketing channels. Failure to do so, Dominique demonstrates, can mean losing a valuable customer.
  3. The Power of Prediction: Dominique shares the three powerful mathematical predictive marketing analytics models that can help marketers decide not only which marketing channels are producing the most customers, but also who will be the most profitable buyers in the long run.
  4. One size fits all— no more: Dominique explains how cloud based marketing analytics foreshadow the end of the traditional single message marketing campaign and how this will finally unify the customer experience across online and offline marketing channels.

Dominique Levin is the CMO of AgilOne, who’s mission statement is to bring revolutionary predictive marketing to every day marketers.  AgilOne wants to restore the personal relationships companies had with their customers in the days of the corner butcher store. Dominique runs marketing of AgilOne and she recently joined from Tatango, a leader in customer success management software. Dominique’s past experience includes  previously being the CMO at Fundly, which helps non-profits with social media fundraising; and she was CEO and CMO at LogLogic, a big data analytics company which was sold to TIBCO.  She holds a MBA in Entrepreneurship from Harvard University.
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