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Learn From Your Marketing Programs Or Miss Out

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Do opportunities lie within Big Data or is it all a bunch of hype? On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Eric Porres shares his expert insight on how you can use marketing technology to understand the big data explosion:

  1. Until recently there was a bottleneck in determining how data is meaningful for the purpose of driving ROI against advertising activity. The problem lay in addressing if you have the right set of people for this challenge. But what you really need to ask yourself is do you need to have the same number of people optimizing your media when you can have algorithms and robots to do it?
  2. Understanding why certain marketing solutions work is still very much in the domain of human thinking, but it’s gone beyond intuition, and into observation.  And the real time nature of that observation provides you with marketing intelligence about human behavior that can help you craft better messages, potential partnerships, and create better stories.
  3. Real time marketing and advertising is about buying into the notion that your advertising can learn and improve as fast as you can ask the right questions about what you’re trying to learn from that advertising.

Eric Porres
is the CMO of Rocket Fuel.  He is also the head of Rocket Fuel’s research center of excellence for digital consumer insight. He describes his job as providing oversight for marketing operations. Rocket Fuel was named number one on the Deloitte Tech Fast 500, the fastest growing company in the technology field, and they went public in 2013. Eric holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Duke University. 

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Glenn Gow

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