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How To Use Data & Marketing Analytics to Improve the Buyer Experience

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Glenn Gow

As marketing technology expands, marketers will find new trends crop up on how to optimize the buyer experience for their products and services. On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, George Skaff shares his expert insight on why certain trends are happening in the website buyer experience and what you should be aware of. Key points include:

  1. Predictive and marketing analytics fit into the buying process by informing optimum marketing expenditures for targeting visitors with ideal messaging, identifying user behavior, and  driving ecommerce sites to make adjustments as needed based on the behaviors of the users within the site.
  2. The future of real time analytics lies in tracking the shopping experience. Social shopping is a bridge between online and offline shopping generated by the omni-channel experience. Omni-channel retailing is an integrated sales experience that mends the advantages of physical stores with the information experience of online shopping.
  3. Data and marketing intelligence associated with a web experience is a powerful tool for marketers to use in a marketing campaign. It allows you to have a clear image of buyer behavior to retarget messaging after a purchase or interaction.

How have you started integrating marketing technology and data in your marketing solutions? Share your thoughts below!


George Skaff is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for TouchCommerce.  TouchCommerce is a leader in the online engagement space, which includes chat, click-to-call, co-browsing, guides and more; and addresses the needs of marketing, sales and the support organization as it relates to the online buying experience.  George manages corporate marketing, product marketing and industry relations.  He was most recently CMO at SGI, VP of Marketing at Digital Persona, and VP of Worldwide Marketing at Wyse Technology. George holds both a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree and an M.B.A. in International Marketing from the American University of Beirut.
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