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Marketing Intelligence is Changing Fast—and Most CMOs are Missing It

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Marketing a product or service has largely been an art form—develop a creative idea, and promote it through available media. However, in the increasingly quantitative marketing atmosphere, marketing has become as much data science as creative art, with CMO’s and their IT departments leading the charge.

On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Heather Zynczak, CMO of marketing intelligence platform Domo, took the time to share with us just how the brave new world of big data is empowering CMOs and their marketing teams. Key insights include:

  1. ROI for CMOs: A majority of marketing executives are now being held accountable to demonstrate the value of marketing in terms of ROI. Heather shares what CMOs need from their marketing intelligence to keep up.
  2. Creative Accounting: Rather than turning marketing into a dry, purely data driven exercise, Heather demonstrates how access to real time marketing intelligence allows CMOs to try out more creative ideas than ever before.
  3. Big Data, Big Picture: Heather shares some stories from the front lines and shows us the one big mistake CMOs must be wary of when using data driven marketing intelligence.
  4. Future Steps: Heather shares her vision about how employees, tools and company culture will change in the coming few years in response to data science, and what CMO’s can do to keep their organizations competitive.

Heather Zynczak is the Chief Marketing Officer of Domo.  Heather has held executive marketing and product management positions at some of the world’s largest enterprise technology companies. She spent the last six years at SAP, where she mostly recently served as the Global Vice President of Marketing.  Prior to SAP she spent five years at Oracle as Senior Director of Product Strategy.  Heather has also lead product marketing at two Silicon Valley start-ups and served for a number of years as a business consultant for top firms including, Accenture, BCG and Booz Allen.  Heather holds a Finance BBA from The University of Texas and a MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. 
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