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How To Leverage and Use Marketing Technology

Posted on April 23, 2014 by Glenn Gow

With more buyer data available than ever before, and a wide selection of next generation marketing technology tools on offer to help companies harness the power of Big Data, marketers are challenged with the need to gain increasing levels of marketing intelligence to  help guide their decision making.

On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Howard Ting shares his personal experiences and acquired wisdom about which marketing technology tools to use, what data to capture and how to analyze that data for optimum results. Highlights include:

  1. Your marketing intelligence tools should allow you to take on open source data from a number of disparate sources, join them together and support rich reporting and visualization at both holistic and granular levels. Howard shares his experience integrating transaction and account data into Domo, and the benefits that has reaped for Nutanix.
  2. Everything that marketing does impacts attribution. Instead of spending too much energy trying to link each and every touch point with conversion, marketing leadership should select a method and stick with it—this allows trends to be effectively tracked using marketing technology and allows marketing departments to get on with the business of actual marketing instead of analytics.
  3.  Marketing Automation tools have a lot more marketing intelligence to offer than many companies are taking advantage of. Time invested in profiling accounts, nurturing their development, scoring their progress and alerting sales when pivotal moments arrive will pay off in dividends.
  4. We are now seeing a dramatic rise in the utility of marketing operations staff who can bring both left and right brain talents to the data-marketing arena. Hiring and nurturing the talent to harness the power of marketing technology is an increasingly critical requirement for marketing departments.

Howard Ting is the Vice President of Marketing & Product Management of Nutanix.  Howard has 15 years of experience building and scaling enterprise software and infrastructure companies.  At Nutanix, Howard is responsible for all aspects of marketing and product management.  Nutanix sells a server with built-in storage and virtual computing platform.  The company has also recently raised over one hundred million dollars in VC financing. Howard holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. 
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