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The Brave New World of Corporate Marketing

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Glenn Gow

There has been a fundamental shift in how buyers collect information and make purchase decisions. The traditional corporate marketing model, where a brand controls how a buyer learns about its products, is giving way to a seemingly anarchistic world where buyers interact with and are influenced by a constellation of marketing channels and touch points.

There is a method to the madness, however. To understand this brave new world of corporate marketing, Moneyball for Marketing turned to two senior marketing executives from SAP— Jamie Anderson, Global VP of Product Marketing for Customer Engagement and Commerce Solutions, and Marcus Ruebsam, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development for SAP’s Marketing Solutions. Topics discussed include:

Turning sales outside in: Due to the democratization of information, Jamie and Marcus suggest, sales is now an “outside-in” process rather than a brand controlled funnel. They describe how buyers choose their own journeys and how corporate marketing organizations can listen, understand and cater to those journeys.

The challenge of channels: Data from disparate marketing channels such as social, search, mobile apps and store data usually live in silos. Jamie and Marcus discuss why integrating and understanding this data is a critical requirement from marketing technology.

Experiences, not campaigns: Marcus predicts the continued use of campaign tactics but defines the ‘campaign’ of the future as a highly personalized, real-time and contextual response to a buyer’s behavior across multiple marketing channels. Jamie then shares a story of how one corporate marketing organization went from just 3 to 30,000 such campaigns per year, garnering a 20-30,000% improvement in response rate.

The new face of marketing: Marcus and Jamie discuss the increasing demand for data analysts within corporate marketing organizations, the importance of synergy between CMOs and CIOs and the effect all of this will have on the relationship between brands and consumers.

Jamie Anderson is the Global Vice President of Product Marketing for Customer Engagement and Commerce Solutions at SAP. Marcus Ruebsam is the Global Head of Product Management. He is in charge of strategy and corporate development for SAP’s marketing solutions. Jamie and Marcus are responsible for the development and marketing of SAP’s marketing solutions.
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