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How to Earn Trust and Get Buyer Attention with Thought Leadership

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Glenn Gow

In the fast paced world of technology marketing, it’s challenging to convince potential buyers to pay attention to you. Buyers may not even know that you exist, and they certainly do not want to hear from your sales people! They do, however, crave information and best practice that can help them to stay on top of their game.  This is why technology marketing professionals must invest in providing valuable thought leadership to the market early and often. “Irrespective of whether they buy ours or anyone else’s,” says Cloud security firm Netskope’s CMO Jamie Barnett, “(buyers) have to justify their decision….And so it’s really important for me as a marketer… to earn the trust of the market by providing the right content in a non-salesy way that is going to give that prospect something of value with no expectation of anything back.” In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Jamie reveals Netskope’s approach to content marketing and demand generation:

Trust is a Must: Jamie shares two examples of how Netskope pairs the knowledge and data it already has with anonymous real life case studies to offer genuine thought leadership to its potential buyers, demonstrates how this helps to earn trust, and establishes why offering no-strings value to the market is key to demand generation today.

Cloud Crazy: “It’s nutty” how many hundreds of cloud based marketing applications are at the disposal of technology marketing professionals today! Jamie tells us about Uberflip, VoiceStorm, Wistia and a few of the other tools that Netskope uses for content distribution, campaign management, social advocacy and other marketing initiatives. Engineering Success: Jamie calls it “absolutely critical” that marketing have a seat at the engineering table, and explains how to package content so that your VP of Engineering or Chief Scientist will have a stake in the success of your company’s thought leadership led demand generation program. “People want to hear from those guys,” says Jamie.

Jamie Barnett is the CMO of Netskope. Jamie is responsible for three primary things at Netskope: Defining the market and ensuring Netskope’s leadership and uniqueness within it; Efficiently pulling high-quality prospects through the marketing funnel, building pipeline efficiently with a razor-focus on POI (dollar of pipeline per dollar invested); and Closing more high-quality business at a faster rate than competitors.

Netskope™ is the leader in safe cloud enablement. Only the Netskope Active Platform™ gives IT the ability to find, understand, and secure sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. With Netskope, organizations can direct usage, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, including native apps on mobile devices and whether on-premises or remote, and with the broadest range of deployment options in the market. With Netskope, the business can move fast, with confidence.
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