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How to Overcome Challenges and Discover Opportunities of Multi-Channel Engagement

Posted on June 4, 2015 by Glenn Gow

Google announced recently that mobile traffic has officially surpassed desktop traffic. This presents no small challenge to marketers, who now must consider user engagement across desktop, mobile and mobile app platforms, each with their own behavioral attributes. The response, says Jason Bunge, Vice President of Marketing, Analytics and Partnerships at Trulia, must be part art and part science. “The brand side will always be important in terms of marketing, but frankly more…efficacy around metrics is going to come from the science part….do you have the right instrumentation on these platforms whether it’s desktop, mobile web, or mobile app to really understand what your consumers are doing? This episode of Moneyball for Marketing takes us on a deep dive of cross-platform engagement from a marketing technologist’s point of view. Highlights include:

Move to Mobile: Trulia’s desktop access is down to 40% from 70%, with mobile access taking up the slack. Jason discusses the constellation of challenges and opportunities faced by Trulia, GoPro, Amazon and Google in the move to mobile, including the lack of cookies, lower conversion rates and increased ‘stickiness’ of apps.

Engagement Engineering: Whereas once marketers had full control of customer engagement, Jason says that “you actually now have to be a technologist and really understand trends in media buying across…publishing platforms online and in mobile.” He discusses the Marketing-Engineering department relationship and prescribes a plan to ensure that user interface and instrumentation address the specific funnel challenges that marketing faces.

Avoiding Anonymity: Jason discusses in considerable detail the ‘magic’ advantages of having known versus anonymous users. He shares insider information on the challenges Trulia has faced providing enough value for visitors to reveal themselves, provides examples from Amazon, Netflix and OpenTable of value engagement done right, and explains the importance of the relationship between Marketing and Product Lead.

Jason runs marketing at Trulia, including growing the brand’s consumer audience online and in mobile apps, engaging consumers to drive usage of it’s web and mobile products and revenue generating activities, managing marketing and product analytics efforts to support business goals and running brand and traffic partnership efforts.

Trulia is a home shopping marketplace, focused on giving home buyers, sellers and renters the information they need to make better decisions about where to live. On mobile and Web, Trulia provides house hunters with insights and unique information about properties, neighborhoods and real estate agents. Launched in 2005, Trulia is based in San Francisco and is owned and operated by Zillow Group.
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