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GoodData’s VP of Product Marketing: The Power of Consolidated Marketing Analytics

Posted on June 4, 2014 by Crimson Marketing

As a big river grows exponentially from the contribution of many disparate streams and tributaries, so too does the powerful flow of Big Data come from an increasingly wide range of data sources and marketing channels. When this data is left to eddy in silos, however, it is impossible for technology marketers to harness the power it offers. Enter modern data warehousing companies like GoodData, which offers an open marketing analytics platform supporting IT’s need for Data Governance, security and oversight and business users desire for self-service Data Discovery.

On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Jeff Morris, VP of Product Marketing at GoodData, helps us understand the limitations of data stuck in silos, the opportunities offered by data consolidation and where the future of Big Data lies. Included in his overview are three real world cases from the front line of marketing analytics:

  1. Big Data saves the day: A real life example of how centralized data warehousing and real-time marketing analytics saved “Cyber Monday” for one Internet retailer.
  2. Business Bellwether: How a brick and mortar facilities manager is keeping ahead of client service needs and predicting retail tenant business results with marketing analytics of data consolidated from multiple marketing channels and even the weekly weather forecast.
  3. Not so Mad Men: How converged data from a constellation of marketing channels is helping advertisers improve results and reduce conversion costs.

Jeff Morris is the Vice President of Product Marketing for GoodData. GoodData supports both IT and people looking for self-service in the area of data: data governance, security, oversight and data discovery. Their platform consolidates data of any size typically found both inside organizations and in the cloud creating an analytic experience that is both fast and agile for users, yet protected, managed and secured for IT. Jeff is a veteran in the BI and marketing analytics space with over 11 years of technical product marketing and product management experience at Actuate, one of the leading open source BI vendors. He holds a degree from Syracuse University.
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